My Crafty Home #1 – Fabric Magnet Board

Hey folks!

I’m back for realz now! We had family visiting till the weekend and it was SO much fun! But now its time to get crafty 😉

You all probably know we bought a new home last year and moved in November. It was so much fun watching it being built! But now its time to decorate it. An excellent opportunity to use and expand my craft skills don’t you agree? 🙂

So I’m starting a new weekly series today where I’ll show you a DIY home decor project I did (or my husband did and I helped!). Sometimes it will be with papercrafting materials and sometimes without. Most times I’ll also use the project as inspiration for a card.

I also don’t claim to be the originator of any of these ideas. All of them are the result of my extensive Googling and Pinteresting! But I have implemented them in my own way modified to suit my tastes and my home.

So with that… Welcome to my home! Lets begin the very first post of this series with a bang!

My husband and I love travelling! My in-laws enjoyed travelling a lot and have extensively travelled. That has rubbed off on my husband and now on to me. Most folks gather all sorts of curios when travelling. We probably will as well now that we have our own home. But so far the physical proof of our travels has been in our… MAGNET Collection!!

Yup, we collect magnets like crazy. From every place we visit. There is always a trip to the gift shop for a magnet! We have an extensive (and growing) collection now. So much so that it was getting harder to put it all on the fridge and still get to the milk without having magnets fall on your toes!

So it was time for a magnet board! I went for a quick and easy solution. Here are the unusual items I bought. Other things not listed here I already had and you’ll probably have in your stash too.

  • sheet of galvanized steel from Home Depot. It was 3′ X 2′ and exactly the board size I needed. Good thing because I’m NOT a metal cutting person!
  • Some fabric. Any fabric will do here. I re-used some from another project that I’ll show you soon 🙂
  • A frame to fit around the sheet. This was easy to get from Michaels. With one of the usual discount coupons it came out pretty well priced.
  • A whole lot of good, strong tape!

And here is a photo-story of how I made it (with lots of help from my hubby!)


I started with cutting the fabric to the required size. Then stretched it over the metal sheet. Be sure to stretch real tight and then tape it up. Its best if you do this with someone else to help you. Even better if there is a third person to quickly cut tape and give you pieces! Tape the fabric to the backside firmly and be generous with the tape!

Then you are ready to decorate the fabric if necessary. Most online tutorials I found used patterned fabric but I wanted to stamp on it to personalize it! I used Memento Desert Sand ink after trying it on a scrap fabric piece. Liked the soft colored look of it. The stamps I used were from Market Street Bon Voyage set. Perfect for a travel magnets board!! I heat set the ink just a little bit after stamping but mostly I wasn’t too worried because I won’t be washing this fabric.

I passed on the project control to Vamsi and Sagar (hubby and BIL respectively – and take note because they will show up in My Crafty Home often now on!) at this point to figure out a secure mounting solution. The frame we used was a poster frame with back hooks that could easily support a poster. But the metal sheet and fabric made the frame very heavy so mounting was a bit tricky. They got it all mounted though and it looked perfect!

Below is a larger photo of our magnet collection all up on the new board! Wanna tell me your favorite?


And as promised, here is a card inspired by the project! I was inspired by the soft Desert Sand color on white and ofcourse wanted to use the same stamps! And a pop of color to represent the magnets.


Hope you liked the new feature and today’s project! I would love it if you left a comment to let me know you visited and what you liked. Do please include your blog link or email address so I can stop by too! And don’t forget to drop by every Monday for a visit to my home! 🙂


  1. Winnie

    Happy New Year my crafty friend! I love the way your board came out, just awesome! I love travel and am trying to get my hubby to at least tolerate it, so I am working on it! I spot Lady Liberty and as a New Yorker you know that would be my favorite! PS. Loved your home video, what a beautiful dream you guys had built. Enjoy decorating it!


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