2013 – What a year!

Hey All!

Long time no see?! You’ll have to excuse me this time. Unpacking and setting up a new house is a LOT of WORK!!

But I’m here today with a “looking back” post because 2013 was such a great year for me craft-wise that I really wanted to write it all up. And since setting goals in 2013 helped, I’m going to use this post to do that for 2014 as well!

First the good things and how I want to improve on them…

I blogged every month of 2013!

Yup thats true! I made 100 posts (including this one)! Hows that for round figures? 🙂

One of my goals was to get more blogging done and I did it. I’d have liked to blog every single day but I’ll take every month. On average it was more like every week but I posted more some weeks and not at all in others.

In 2014 I’d like to spread things out and blog more evenly. A post a day is still a ridiculously insane goal for me but I’ll go for 3 posts a week.

I created a blog feature of my own… and it became famous!

This was a big goal for me in 2013. To create original content like a challenge or a regular feature. I thought long and hard and thats how Iron Craft was born. The 25th episode was the most favorite and got 93 comments and 1,116 views! Thankyou everyone who made Iron Craft such a success!

It was hard work for sure; creating regularly every week, co-ordinating with the Iron Crafters for dates and ingredients, approaching craft companies for sponsorships. But I learnt a tremendous amount and if I ever get to running a DT, I have a lot of experience with it now!

Iron Craft got me my first free stamp set! Via Amber who suggested we use a to-be-released Clear & Simple stamp set and sent one to me!

Iron Craft also got me some incredibly talented friends! I am always inspired by these ladies and admire their work so it was awesome to shake hands with them and craft with them!

In 2014 I definitely want to plan a Season 2 of Iron Craft!

And I would like to create more regular blog features!

I learnt to make videos!

This was an absolutely huge step for me but I wanted to give it a try. I didn’t get to making a lot of videos but I did make 4 videos and the most viewed one has 216 views!

In 2014 I definitely want to make more videos. I’m so serious about this that I’m going to try for a video every week!

I designed stamps!

Another big step for me! From knowing nothing about how to make stamps to learning so much and actually publishing stamp sets its been a BIG journey! It was scary and nerve racking for sure to contact various stamp companies and tell them I wanted to design but had less-than-zero experience with it! I cannot thank Jessica enough for believing in me and giving me the opportunity with There She Goes. Along the way I learnt Inkscape, brushed up my drawing and digital inking skills and actually held a stamp set designed by me in my hands!!

I *definitely* want to continue designing stamps in 2014. The hows and wheres need to be worked out but I love doing this and want to continue doing it!

Design Teams and Guest Designing

I’d say I did ok here. I was on a couple of DTs; TSG was my first ever manufacturer DT and I must say that getting a box in the mail every month is addicting! I guest designed at a few places too and thats was fun as well.

In 2014 I’ll be working hard to get noticed, do some guest designing and get invited to more DTs especially on the companies whose products I love!

Now the not-so-good things that I should remember/work on…

Start commenting more

Its true. I’m so bad at commenting on blogs I visit that its just unacceptable. And I didn’t discover a single new blog in 2013!! Comments on my blog posts make me happy and definitely all my crafty friends would appreciate some on their posts!

I definitely want to set aside at least an hour every week in 2014 to comment on blogs I follow and also discover new blogs!

Get Noticed

I don’t think I did a good job of this in 2013 at all. Not the way I thought I would. I hardly participated in challenges and only sent a few half-hearted publication entries.

In 2014 I want to play more regularly in challenges, submit more often to publishing and generally try and get myself out there some more! I’d love to get published and win a few challenges but trying is the important part!

Have Fun!

There were too many times in 2014 where I forgot that crafting is a hobby. That affected a lot of other things in life for me!

In 2014 I’d like to remember I’m crafting for fun first and foremost and I definitely don’t want it taking over my life! There will be some mad rushes, some missed posts and some quiet periods on the blog but thats OK especially if I’m spending that time with family and friends!

That concludes my 2013-in-review post! Happy New Year friends! See you in 2014!!


  1. Sherrie M.

    Great thoughtful retrospective on your year….makes me think about similar goals in my life. Hence why I am commenting now….I read your blog and am inspired by your creations but haven’t really commented. So, hopefully this is not the last as I have similar goal of commenting more. Thanks and Happy New Year.


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