My Illustrations

About my work ethic

I started illustrating when I had no idea of the tools used for this. But I am a fast learner and have a Masters degree in Computer Science with a couple of graphic design courses in college. I picked up Inkscape first and then Adobe Illustrator all on my own in 2 years since first starting this journey in 2013. I am now proficient in Adobe Illustrator and have developed my own style of design as seen below.

All the companies and individuals I’ve worked with will vouch for the fact that I am a perfectionist and will work with the company till they are happy with the final design. In the process, I design multiple alternatives and do quick prototyping so my clients have good visuals to compare.

I also work much in advance, have a fast response time and am well aware of the seasonal calendar and timelines for manufacturing products. You will never find me to be a bottle-neck in your manufacturing process.

Note: I stopped illustrating stamps and dies in 2017 for various personal reasons. I hope to get back to this again one day but it’ll have to be a very special set that calls me back! If you feel like you have something that’d interest and motivate me, drop me a line!

SugarPea Designs

I illustrated for SugarPea Designs from Nov 2015 to Dec 2016.

Ellen Hutson Special Collaboration

In 2017 I did a special collaboration with Julie Ebersole and Ellen Hutson to release a stamp and die set that would give $25 (50% of the sale price) to BCRF for each set sold! Julie and I illustrated this together. This set is close to my heart because I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2015.

Catherine Pooler Designs

I have illustrated a few sets for Catherine Pooler Designs, for her store and for Stamp of Approval.

Verve Stamps

I illustrated for Verve Stamps from July 2014 to June 2015.

There She Goes Clear Stamps

My first gig as an illustrator was for There She Goes, a great company which sadly closed its doors in December 2013


  1. Angela Barnes

    Wow, I found your site through Jennifer McGuire’s and your art is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you! I’ll be buying your Moments Remembered this weekend 🙂


  2. Lisa Tatem

    Congrats on all the great work with Verve in 2014! I especially like the coffee set. The sentiment about a yawn being a silent scream for coffee gave me quite a chuckle! 😉


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