About Me

Who am I?

I am mom to an always changing, loving and very funny little gal. I am wife to a fun and supportive husband. With them I have learnt a billion new things and continue to do so everyday. Without them I probably would not be sitting in a beautiful craft room surrounded by piles of paper. I am an engineering manager at a very awesome company. This girl is proud to be a geek and a woman in tech! Engineering was my first hobby and will always be one of my hobbies!

But in late 2010 I took up another hobby – papercrafting! Amateur art always fascinated me and I dabbled in it often. From creating Rangoli designs for festivals in India to making cards occasionally for friends and family, I always enjoyed creating ever since I can remember. But I started my papercrafting journey seriously in late 2010 with selling cards to raise money for Asha, a local non-profit.

That transformed into a full blown addiction over the years. It is hard to remember exactly when and how I graduated from a box of paper and some decorative scissors to a whole room filled with paper, stamps, gadgets like my ScanNCut and other goodies to help me create.

Till date, I have participated in swaps, been on design teams, taken lots of classes, played in challenges and tried my hand at various techniques. I enjoy every minute of it! From this hobby I have stayed in touch with family and friends. And I have gained some very talented new friends!

What is my style?

Defining one’s style isn’t easy. I discovered this the hard way as I tried many things over the years. My style is constantly changing and evolving too. A new technique, a beautiful photo, a fabulous card by a fellow crafter, a fun trend; these are just some of the things that will inspire me and possibly influence my style.

After much experimenting I have found that I am a Clean & Classy girl at heart. What does this mean? It means that I am drawn to simply made cards with just one or two focal points. It means that I appreciate elegance.

The one category of cards I love making is interactive cards. They bring together my two hobbies of engineering and cardmaking and help form a stronger connection with the card recipient.

If you are still reading this…

…THANK YOU! Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to read about me! I would love to know you and stay in touch with you too! Please leave me a comment and follow my blog or follow me on any of the social networks on my blog sidebar!

Have a question or just want to say hello? Drop me a line using the contact form!



I participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program. That means I receive a commission when products are purchased through links here at this blog. Please know I will never share a product that I would not personally recommend or that I do not like myself.


  1. Paulette S

    Hi Chaitali! Your interviews are so fun. I love Chari’s style and the Lawn Fawn stamps. Your card was so sweet too. I’m a bit of an organized clutter bug, so I follow quite a few CAS stampers. LOL Hmmm…all time favorite show, I have several, Friends and Seinfeld are at the top of my list. Revenge is our current rage. We watch Survivor and Bachelor/Bachelorette too and DVR them, so we don’t miss a thing. We say we are never watching B/B after every season, but we get pulled in.


  2. 1freshwater

    Hi Chaitali. I just finished watching Iron Craft Season 2, and had to write to thank you for the fabulous job you did! I really liked all of the interviews you did and learned a lot about many of my favorite enablers! I was especially drawn into your interview with Cristina Kowalczyk. She seemed so down-to-earth than I had perceived her to be. It appeared as if she was easy to talk to also. (I have read her book and am a huge fan – but I do miss her on the PTI Design Team).
    I am going back and watch IronCraft Season 1 again while you are on break from producing this series. Looking forward to Season 3 already!!
    Thank you for all your hard work and professional production!


    1. Chaitali

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! It really made my day 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the series. Season 1 doesn’t have videos since I started doing them from Season 2. But it has some beautiful card creations! Hope to see you around on my blog often! Season 3 is still further away but I have lots of other happenings on my blog before then 🙂


    1. Chaitali

      Thanks Billie! Enjoy the Season 2 videos! Hope you will visit here often. I have lots of things happening here even though season 3 is sometime away 🙂


  3. Katheryn Thames

    Hello Chaitali! I’m so glad that you will try to include the links to your guests blogs/YouTube channels! I really enjoy your interviews, they really help to get to know these crafters we so admire! And, by the way, your name is beautiful!


  4. Maggie B

    Hi Chaitali ~ Just finished reading your bio and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing your paper crafting hobby with so many of us! ~HUGS~


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