Iron Craft

Iron Craft was a weekly feature on my blog for a long time!

What was Iron Craft?

I enjoyed watching Iron Chef on Food Network where a newbie chef cooks against a celebrity chef using the same ingredients to decide “whose cuisine reigns supreme!”. That got me thinking of a similar idea for papercrafting…. Wouldn’t it be fun if I could make a card with a celebrity crafter using the same “ingredients”? Leaving out the competition aspect, this would provide such a great inspiration to everyone and would be so much fun!

If you are an avid papercrafter like me, then you probably know its hard to craft without inspiration! I spend as much time browsing blogs and glued to my Pinterest boards as I spend on crafting itself. In the course of my papercrafting, I have followed many “celebrities” whose work I admire!

Iron Craft is my way of shaking hands with these crafters and playing along with them. My way of learning from and getting inspired by the best!

Thats what we did all Season 1! It was absolutely amazing to get to play with some of the best crafters whose work I admire so much!

Whats new in Season 2?

I was still crafting with my invited guest and we were both use the same “ingredients” to make a card. The “ingredients” could range from the same stamp set to the same colors to…. I shouldn’t give out all the spoilers at once, should I? 😉

In Season 2, I did video interviews with my guests! Yes! Talk-show style interviews! Ever felt like you’d like to know your crafty friends a bit better even though we all live across the globe? Now is your chance 🙂

Click here to see the complete list of Season 2 episodes.


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