Some more cards from 2018

A couple more cards of 2018 then I think I’m mostly caught up on blogging all the cards from that time! Thanks again for dropping by to look at some more of my past creations! I’ll be back soon with more recent ones 🙂

Teacher Thanks 2018

I have a load of projects to post from when I was creating-but-not-blogging! This one is a set of cards Saanvi and I created for her teacher appreciation week in 2018. Here they are! And another batch with the same notecard die but different stamps… Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

Doodle Cards

I’ve recently taken to doodling and had a great time incorporating my doodle ideas into a few cards! These use Catherine Pooler background stamp and inks. I tried to do a different masking and doodling on each of these. Here are some close-ups. If you feel like you need some help getting started with doodling […]

Valentine 2019

Valentine’s Day cardmaking has become a tradition at home ever since Saanvi started her preschool, V-Day 2019 was the first time I did a mass-crafted batch of cards with Saanvi. We were slow and patient and worked with a few cards at a time only. Here are all the cards we made… We ended up […]

Stacked Thanks

I’d always admired the patience and skill of professional crafters like Jennifer McGuire when it came to stacked word dies technique. I never had that patience to sit and cut some 10 copies of the word die to stack them up so hadn’t done that technique myself ever. I’d substitute instead with foam or opt […]

Space: The FinaL Frontier!

We are all space geeks here in our house! So when I asked Saanvi what theme she wanted for the father’s day card, we went straight to space theme! This year was WAY more fun making the card than previous years because Saanvi did so much of it! Was fun teaching her the paint flicking […]