My Crafty Home #2 – Scraperboard Frame

Hey folks! Welcome to my home again 🙂

Today I’m showing you a project I started long long ago! This was actually one of the first gifts I gave my husband (then friend). A scraperboard rose! The board has had its share of travels all the way from India to New York (where my husband did his grad school) to San Diego (where he did a summer internship) then back to New York then San Jose (where he worked for a year) and then 3 homes in Seattle after we got married!

So it was time to give it a permanent home in a frame and a spot of its own!

What is a scraperboard you ask? It is basically a piece of cardboard with foil on top and the foil is coated with India ink so the board looks like a black smooth surface without artwork. The foil can be any of gold, silver or copper. The artwork is done by scraping the India ink off with a small pen-shaped scraper to achieve the desired design. The finished work is very multi-dimensional because it reflects light from the foil! This art is also called scraperfoil.

Since this was my first attempt at scraperboard when I made it, I used one with a printed design. Its been almost 6 years since I made this so even after my best Google searching, I couldn’t find any place where this particular artwork was sold. But Reeves has many other beautiful scraperfoil kits if you want to give it a try!

The finished artwork I made was about 6″ width and 18″ height. It was pretty easy to find a frame in Ikea for this size. The frame was ofcourse much larger than the artwork so I first mounted the artwork on a plain sheet of posterboard cut to frame size and put that in the frame.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to show you by way of process because I remembered the photography part AFTER finishing the frame! And ofcourse the scraperboarding happened years ago! You probably would have been bored to death seeing it because it was just a long time of watching TV and scratching away at the board with a scraper 🙂 Here is the finished frame now hanging proudly in our breakfast nook!


I was inspired by the silver on black from the frame! And the roses ofcourse. Flourishes Lenten Rose was the uber-perfect set for a card with this inspiration! It had the same detail level and would look gorgeous embossed in silver on black cardstock. Thats exactly what I did with my Versamark, silver embossing powder and some black cardstock!

Here is the very CAS finished result.


As always, welcome home and thankyou for stopping by! Do let me know you were here with a quick comment! See you next week 🙂

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