Turnabout Happy Birthday

Saanvi and I have been crafting a lot during the quarantine since art was an important part of her school day that we wanted to continue during homeschooling.

In March, 2 of her close friends had a birthday so I told her I’d help her make the cards if she’d come up with the idea. Here is the idea she came up with…

We then dug through my stamps stash to find some that she could use to make this idea happen. I added a few suggestions of my own that would allow me to use some more crafty tools 😛 and here is what we made…

A closer look at each of the creations below. We used Concord and 9th Turnabout stamps for the background. They are a big hit in our house! Saanvi finds it very satisfying to instantly have a colored background and loves having so many inks to work with.

Saanvi has recently learnt to write well so its awesome to have her write the inside of the cards on her own. I write the message on a scrap piece of paper and she copy writes it in the cards!

And lastly a pic of the creator creating the card!

Thanks for stopping by to see it! I’ll be posting a lot more of my crafts with Saanvi here so please subscribe if you like it!


  1. cmayne

    Saanvi, your cards are awesome! Your dinosaur and monster, with their big balloons, are super cute! I bet your friends absolutely LOVED receiving the special cards you made for them! I sure do! The turnabouts are cool stamps, aren’t they? I have a few and so enjoy playing with them. One of my favourites is the new rainbow one. Which is your favourite?
    Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity!
    PS. Your writing is wonderful!


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