Snowday Hellos

I have so much to show and tell you folks about after missing blogging for sooo long! Today is the story of our Seattle Snowmageddon from 2019!

What does a crafty mommy do when snowed in with a restless 3.5 yo? We craft up a storm!

We started with making some Hello cards for friends we missed…

Got a little (lot!) messy there but look at that cool marbling! Here is a closer look at the mommyfied result!

Then we continued the same trend another day but this time opted for just plain old stenciling. The shaving cream was a bit too much excitement 😛

And a closer look at this card as well…

In case you were wondering if all we did during the Snowmageddon was crafting, nope! We did soooo many more things…

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with another story in images soon!

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