A really big Winner Wednesday!

Hey everyone!

So I have been behind. Like really really behind on choosing Iron Craft episode winners. I apologize 😦 Blame it on the summer and all the activities it brings!!

The good news is today is a really big Winner Wednesday! So make sure to check if your name is in the list!! Ready? Here goes…

Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 10

This was the episode with Cristina Kowalczyk. The winner is..

Marisa who said:

We moved from Costa Rica to Canada and my dad moved from Czechoslovakia to Costa Rica and then Canada so we can fully relate! My favorite book – hard to pick just one…I’ll go with The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.

Congrats Marisa! You win a $15 gift certificate for Amazon.com!

Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 11

This was the episode with Chari Moss. The winner is…

Val who said:

Loved the video! Really nice crafting space – thanks for the tour! Guess what – I was an architectural major, too! I loved it, and it was my awesome career, too, before I had kids. It stinks, tho, because now that I might be able to consider getting back into the job market or it, I can’t; there are NO jobs in that area right now. And I agree – I am a perfectionist, too, and I know it’s because of my architectural education and career! Here’s another small coincidence we LOOOVE Big Bang Theory in this house! Great show ;) Rapid Fire Round answers… I agree on Paris! Now tomatoes – I love them! hee hee ;) OMG, my husband proposed on a picnic we were having, too! YES, let’s ALWAYS skip winter! And yes, living in an amusement park would be awesome ;) Penny is adorable!

Love the cards and the goodies you sent, Chari!

My favorite TV show is Once Upon A Time :)

Congrats Val! You win a $25 gift certificate for Lawn Fawn!

Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 12

EDIT 7/31: Picked a new winner since the earlier one could not be contacted

This was the episode with Virginia Lu. The winner is…

Connie who said:

Hard to pick just one favorite embelllishment because I love using them on my projects, but I do love pearls and how elegant they can look on a card.Love your videos.

Congrats Connie! You win any in-stock clear set of your choice from Hero Arts!

Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 13

This was the episode with Iwona Palamountain (Chupa). The winner is…

Nadine who said:

Great interview with Chupa and awesome cards from the both of you! I’d love to see Dawn Woleslagle of Wplus9 featured. I think her watercolor cards are amazing and have found her watercolor technique videos to be very helpful!

Congrats Nadine! You win a copy of the same Penny Black stamp set and stencil Chupa and I used in the episode.

Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 14

This was the episode with Jen Rzasa and Tasnim Ahmed. We had 2 winners to choose here! They are…

Denise who said:

Awesome interview!
My favorite show is The Following.
I’d love to see some great holiday images for Halloween and Christmas. Those are my two favorite cardmaking occasions!

Congrats Denise! You win the Simple Shapes stamp set from Altenew!

Sallee who said:

Thanks, Chaitali! Was really excited to learn more from Tasnim and Jen R. My favorite TV show is Mad Men. For future stamps, I love beautiful elements like Henna Elements. And also maybe something cool and retro or Art Deco would be cool. And I love the idea of still life stuff like fruit etc. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Congrats Sallee! You win the Dodecagram stamp set from Altenew!

Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 15

This was the episode with Vera Yates. We had 5 winners to choose here! They are…

Kari who said:

Baking. Really love to bake…which is not always good for the waistline. Ha ha!!

Therese who said:

Thanks for another great Iron Craft interview and the chance to meet Vera. I love meeting others who are obsessed with paper crafting. My craft area is also in the basement and flooding is sometimes a problem at certain times of the year, so I am glad that you asked that question about the disappearing craft room. I would grab photos, silhouette cameo, and my box of stamps. My passion outside of paper crafting is teaching. I need to hurry and check out Riley and Co.

Sherry who said:

I loved getting to know Vera. Your cards are so amazing. My passion outside of paper crafting is working with a Rheumatology Clinic for the uninsured in Nashville. It is so rewarding to see people who walk in with so much difficulty and in so much pain that weeks later after having been prescribed meds, they are feeling so much better and out of pain. When Vera was asked what 3 things would she take if her craft room disappeared. Well, we just last week had a sump pump failure in our basement and of course that is where my craft room and office is located. I was interested in Vera’s answer to the question, because I first took the paper trimmer, silhouette and my computer.

stampnk who said:

Great interview and wonderful cards! I have to admit that I love crafting more than anything, but I also love to read and to spend time with my family! Thank you also for giving us the info on the holiday Card drive! I made several cards for that last year and plan to do so again!

Patti who said:

My passion is trying to be the healthiest I can be…2 hours at the gym every day (cardio, Pilates, strength training) and cooking / eating low calorie balanced diet.

Congrats ladies! You each get a stamp set from Riley & Co.!

Phew that was a long list! Congrats to everyone!! Winners: expect an email from me today if you haven’t got one already!

Thankyou ALL of you who leave comments on Iron Craft episodes! I love to read them and learn so much from them!!

Thats all for today 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow with more winners for the just finished Iron Craft challenge!


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