Winner Wednesday

Hey folks!

Its Winner Wednesday on a Friday 🙂 Sorry for the delay this week!

Today is to select the winner of Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 6 with Mayuri (Flubidoo)!

Mayuri asked you all this question – Where do you find your inspiration from?

The most popular answer is Pinterest! But lots of you like your home decor items, your crafty trends, your magazines, your fellow bloggers and challenges!

There were some fun, new sources that some of you suggested…

  • inspiration from pre-school daughter!
  • inspiration from disorganized craft room!
  • inspiration from grocery store!

Thanks everyone for the inspiration ideas! These will come back to you as inspiration in the next Iron Craft Challenge! Meanwhile you can check out the current one 😉

The lucky winner was chosen by and is…

Dianne Guilinger who said:

I look at lots of blog posts and pinterest, but in the end, the inspiration comes from my crazy mixed up mind! A lot of times, I look at what is laying around in my disorganized space and think up something to do with it. I don’t know what I’m doing, and I just keep working “till I’m done”, haha. People who are more artistic than me sometimes comment that they would “never have thought” to put certain colors together, but they like they way my cards turn out. Mostly, I just want to have fun!

Congrats Diane! Thankyou for sharing your inspiration source with us! You win a $20 gift certificate to the Neat & Tangled shop!

If you haven’t seen Episode 7 yet, go on and find out how skilled Wendy is at making her favorite meal!

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