A new adventure!!!

Hey everyone!

I’m back after a refreshing break and ready for a new adventure in my papercrafting journey!! Are you ready for it? 🙂 Here goes…

Today I’m joining the There She Goes DT as an Illustrator! Yes, you read that right — as an ILLUSTRATOR! I will be designing stamps that will get made into real stamps!!! Woohoo!

I have my first stamp set releasing this Friday in the September release so stay tuned for it! And there will be lots of new designs in future releases!!

How did this happen? After papercrafting/cardmaking for almost 3 years now, I had some stamp design ideas. I contacted Jessica, owner/genius behind TSG, to see if she was interested in my designs. And she was! She is a great mentor, helping me refine my ideas and designs! Thank you Jessica for giving me this chance!

Besides being an illustrator, I’m also joining TSG as a full DT member. Can I say it aloud once? Ok here goes… I am a TRENDSETTER!!!

This means so much to me, I can’t even explain it! Most of the amazing cardmakers I follow and admire, have been or are Trendsetters. Want some names? Debby Hughes, Jackie Rockwell, Danielle Lounds, Torico… the list is so long! So its an honor to be a trendsetter and get to work with an fabulously talented team!

I will be joining the TSG DT for September sneak peeks starting this Tuesday! Hope you will join us as we sneak peek a really amazing lineup! See you soon!!


  1. Jackie

    I’m so happy for you Chaitali, congrats on becoming a new DT member and illustrator over at TSG! Jessica is awesome and you’ll love working with her. I didn’t know you were an illustrator, can’t wait to see your designs!!!


    1. Chaitali

      Thanks Jackie! I wasn’t an illustrator till recently 🙂 I knew Inkscape and enjoyed sketching but only recently started thinking of making my designs into stamps. Excited about it!


  2. Debby Hughes

    How did I miss this! OK so maybe my Feedly is feeling a little neglected LOL. AMAZING news! I am so chuffed for you Chaitali and can’t wait to see! You are going to be AWESOME!


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