Iron Craft #14

Hey everyone! Happy Monday đŸ™‚ Its summer in full swing in my part of the world! Which means time for some beautiful sunny cards! Today’s Iron Craft will get you in the modd for some summer fun!


MelanieMuenchingerI have a special guest today! All my guests are special in their own way ofcourse! But today’s guest is one of those people who bring you their beautiful drawings in stamp form so you can make even more beautiful art with them! Yes! She is Melanie Muenchinger — one of the illustrators for Gina K Designs!

Melanie has illustrated some of my favorite stamp sets! Take a look! I bet most of you own a Melanie stamp set as well. She has a wonderful, soft style and her images are so detailed that it is a joy to color them and create with them. They are versatile too — I have made everything from a thank you card to a sympathy card to even a baby card with the same stamp from some of Melanie’s sets!

So go say Hi if you don’t know her but not before you see what we cooked up in today’s Iron Craft đŸ™‚


You don’t need much guesswork to know that we are using one of Melanie’s stamp sets ofcourse! We are using Gina K Gifts From The Sea today. Its an awesome set showcasing everything summer!

We have another ingredient as well. We decided to use one of Melanie’s cards from her new book Fabulous Frames! Here is the inspiration card we used.

Read on to see what we created with both!


Melanie has a lovely re-interpretation of her card! I use the same frame format on my card and kept it pretty close in sketch to the inspiration. Take a look…


I colored my frame with copics and made the background with some sponging. Drew the black outline along the inside with a sharpie. Wanna know how Melanie made her card? Drop by her blog! But not before you read on for the giveaway đŸ™‚


Melanie is sponsoring today’s giveaway with one of her newest stamp sets – Pretty Patterns 2! Thanks Melanie!!!

Just leave a comment here by 23:59 EST on June 7 telling us which of Melanie’s stamp sets is your favorite! I’ll pick a random winner from the comments for the giveaway!

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed Iron Craft!!


  1. Olga

    Melanie’s stamp sets are all gorgeous. I love all her flower sets. Unfortunately I don’t have many of them, but I surely like Basket Blessings, Spring Basket and Holiday Basket!


  2. Laraine R

    Great stamp set! Great cards from you and Melanie! Love the way you both used the same stamp set! I love all of Melanie’s stamp sets but her flowers are my favorite!


  3. Verna Angerhofer

    I love all of Melanie’s stamp sets, but I have to agree, her flowers are amazing sets. My favorite of her flower sets is the A Year of Flowers 2 set.


  4. Judy I, St. Louis MO

    I love all of Melanie’s sets. They are so versatile. I think my very favorite is Holiday Baskets. I love to color the basket and the flowers are a lot of fun to color too. Pretty Patterns 2 is on my wish list, so I’d love to win it.


  5. Cindy

    Oh my – I cannot pick just one set. Since I love love love anything to do with the ocean, I obviously really like gifts from the sea. I have so many sets, some not even on the site anymore – how do I choose just one, there is pretty paterns, basket buddies, just so hippy, just so hoppy, hand in hand, and more…


  6. Sharyn Polesel

    Wow! That’s almost impossible to do as I love all of Melanie’s sets. If I have to chose just one, I would have to say Stately Flowers 6. The single rose stamp is really lovely!


  7. Sue D

    Lovely cards. Hard to pick one favorite but I will go with Stately Flowers 4 since it has my birth state and the current state I live in.


  8. Mary-Anne V.

    Melanie has such pretty stamps so its hard to narrow it down. right now i am looking for masculine stamps so I like her Pretty Patterns.


  9. Mrs Wic

    Mel’s fav stamp set at this house? Hand in Hand, State Flowers all 6 but especially the bitterroot as it is so difficult to locate!!! and she pulled it from the mountains and prairies into stampingland! Thanks again, Mel! Iron, this is a great blog with reason. Thank you.
    Keep Looking UP! mt23stamperatyahodotcom


  10. V-Rae

    When I made my previous post, I listed an incorrect website. This has the correct website. Gifts from the Sea is still my favorite set. The shell stamps are cute, but the sentiments are fantastic!


  11. Beverly Perdue

    Very pretty cards! Love the beach scene with shells and the sentiment. I have many of Melanie’s stamp sets. I love all the Year of Flowers and Pressed Flowers sets, but my favorite is the Spring Basket. I have made many cards with this set.


  12. Sharon Roselli

    Love all of Melanie’s sets. My favorite one is baskets sets I have most of them. my wish list set is the gifts from the sea set and newest flower set. I came from Melanie’s blog it was nice to find you.


  13. Lana

    I love this stamp set and all of Melanie’s stamps, I don’t have any of her stamps yet — I really like A Year of Flowers 2. Thanks for a chance to win set.


  14. Lee Kendel

    I don’t want to sound like a “suck up”, but, I like everything you do, really. I also have your first book and if I can’t think of what I want to craft I refer to it.


  15. Connie Duckert

    I love all of Melanie’s designs; but my all time favorite is “A Beautiful Life”. Thanks for the opportunity to win Melanie’s new book!


  16. Janet Castle

    I really like ‘Gifts From The Sea’…the sentiments and designs are perfect for summer cards! TFS and for the opportunity to win a set!


  17. Kathleen R

    It is so hard to choose just one set but since I live in Florida near several beaches I guess it will have to be Gifts From The Sea.



  18. Claudia Gassett

    Hi, Forgot to add I love Melanie’s Flower Stamp set and use it all the time! Easy to color with copics or just leave blank!


  19. Sabrina Radican

    What a gorgeous card! Oh my it is so hard to pick just one! There are actually several that I really like well love: Buds and Vases,Spring Basket,Basket Buddies,Holiday Basket,Basket Additions,(because of the crafts),Stately Flowers 1, Basket Additions 2,Stately Flowers 4 ,Stately Flowers 5 ,and Hand in Hand! I’m sure I have missed a few but as you can see I can’t pick just one!


  20. Cheryl W

    I am a follower of Melanie’s and came here from her blog. She’s such a tremendous designer. Of all her stamp sets, I covet all of the sets from “A year of flowers.” They are all so beautiful.

    I’m looking forward to learning more about “Fabulous Stamped Frames.” The card you shared today is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see more.


  21. Sylvia Rivera

    I’m also a follower of Melanie’s blog and love all her stamp sets. I have a couple of her sets, but I don’t have any of her flower sets which are my all time favorite. Your card is beautiful, I like everything about it, but I admire the black outlines you drew. It makes the shape of the card stand out. Thanks for a chance to win and for the inspiration.


  22. {vicki}

    so hard to pick a fave—
    there are several that I REALLY love!
    Beyond baskets and basket additons
    Where your heart is
    any of the border
    and the list goes on…..

    for the chance to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Carla Alexander

    There is nothing like the ocean for your eyes, sand for your feet, wind for your ears and a shell for your hand to bring you peace. I love your ideas and your website. Beautiful and calming.


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