Happy Mail #1

Hey folks!

Following my fast crafting and posting efficiency improvements closely is the fact that I have a HUGE backlog of cards made but sitting in my craft cabinet! So I’m going to try and send out at least a few each month!

What better way to be forced to do this than post on my blog and be held accountable for it?!

So here is the stash of cards going out in this batch and a few recipients to whom these are off to! These are already sent out by the time this publishes so hopefully I won’t spoil surprises for the recipients 🙂

I also wanted to quickly show what I use for lettering my envelopes. I write the name with my dip pen in calligraphy but the address is just with a sharpie or white pen and Lettermate. I hope to decorate envelopes more in future but for now this gets the job done! Oh and I love adding a sticker seal to the envelope flap. I designed a few and printed them from Zazzle for myself. You can order designs from my store if you’d like too!


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