Happy Independence Day USA!

Happy Independence Day to my US friends!

July 4th holds a special tradition for us – we spend it every year in a national park! Because what better way to appreciate US than to admire it’s best idea?!

Did you know there are 58 National Parks in the US? We’ve covered 13 so far so long way to go but hope to finish them all in the coming years!

This year we are taking a little detour and though we’ll still be in national parks, this year is across the border in Banff and Jasper in Canada 🙂 So today you get a scheduled post! I wanted to show you a small selection of beautiful pics from our trips to national parks over the years!

Click on each pic to see the enlarged version!


It’s been a while since I’ve done a give-away here! So…

Leave me a comment answering What’s your annual family tradition?

It can be linked to Fourth July or another time of the year and if you don’t have a current one, perhaps you did have one growing up that you remember. I’d love to hear from you and maybe get ideas for traditions to start with Saanvi as she grows up!

I’ll pick a lucky winner from the comments when I’m back from vacation next week for a small goodie bag and card! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Teresa Doyle

    Hi Chaitali. Happy Independence Day! I am Canadian but have never been to Banff but it IS beautiful. Lucky you!
    Every year we spend Canada Day with family and friends. This year we went away with our daughter, SIL and two young grandsons for a couple of days and came home on July 1st to spend time with our son, DIL and friends. Played outdoor games and BBQ’d. Lots of laughs and memories made!


  2. Mary Holshouser

    Many years ago my husband started the tradition of having
    a big fish fry every summer. All of the friends and family
    were invited. He loved to fish so he had plenty of fish.
    Anybody who attended brought a covered dish. Bob is gone
    now but my son is carrying on the tradition. Everybody who
    comes brings a covered dish, their swimsuit and towels
    (guess you can tell we have a pool). We supply the drinks.
    It’s a wonderful day spent outside, visiting people we may
    not have seen since the last fish fry. And sadly there
    are those who are no longer with us and we salute them.
    thanks for the offer of a goodie bag.
    Happy 4th and safe travels.


  3. Tammy Nyenhuis

    Happy 4th of July! I remember one 4th of July when I was in high school, my whole family went to the beach. This was an amazing time because my father never went anywhere with us in the summer because of his job. We spent the whole day there and had a great time.

    Now, my family and I usually just spend the day relaxing, but we will find a fireworks show for the evening.


  4. Berina Febin

    Wow! I didn’t know there are 58 National parks in the US. I’ve only been to the Yosemite. Our main tradition when I was growing up in India, was setting up the Christmas tree during the first week of December. Now I continue to do it with my husband and kids.


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