Hello Baby

Our close friends had babies! They are so tiny and cute!! I wanted to make something special for both of them so finally broke out my Neat & Tangled Heart of Gold die.

I wanted to CASE the multicolored heart with black outline from Jennifer’s post here. I started off with winging it on my own and nothing worked as planned 😱 Then I went back to watch the video carefully and followed ALL of Jennifer’s instructions! Right from using shims for the cut to cutting with dryer sheets before the actual diecut to how she used glue for the little pieces. And it worked perfectly!!

So I’m going to advise you to follow Jennifer’s instructions carefully and not try to cut it out on your own (pun intended!) 😝
A few modifications I made from Jennifer’s techniques in the video…

  • I used my newest purchase – the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Pearl colors. So I didn’t have to make any Perfect Pearl mist and was able to quickly watercolor a panel straight from here with shimmer and all!
  • I put down just the plates and shims on my heart – no die – after it was all assembled then ran it a couple times through my Bigshot again. This was useful because I’m terrible when it comes to using the bone folder and have previously lost bits of intricate dies when trying to burnish them so this technique works better for me.

The sentiment is from my Hello World stamp set.

Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for visiting!!

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