Crafting Efficiently

A few days ago I mentioned I was making changes to my crafting habits to craft more efficiently. I’ve managed to blog almost everyday since then. Yaayy!!

I made a lot of changes in my whole creative process. Today I wanted to show you the ones I made to my crafting area. If you are a busy mommy like me, perhaps you’ll find them useful!

First a view of my entire desk…

Notice anything different? Yes! I thoroughly cleaned it! And purged ruthlessly! They might sound daunting but I needed them. Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot more creative when you feel lighter and cleaner 😊

Rule 1 – Clean up immediately after crafting and keep my desk clean!

To aid in this I made another small fix – moved the trash can to sit just near my leg. Thats made a huge difference too!!

I also added this document tray from Ikea. 

Rule 2 – only keep 3 projects at a time on the table!

The document tray helps define what my 3 to-use items are currently.

If it’s used up or not used in 2 days, in it goes again!

And lastly my photo station got a downgrade to become really simple.

Rule 3 – take a photo on phone immediately after finishing crafting and edit on phone!

I’ve also installed many apps on phone to help me edit photos, blog and handle social media from anywhere. I’ll talk about those in another post.

Hope you find this useful! These 3 rules are definitely helping me blog a lot more!!


  1. Anuja

    Great tips, Chaitali! With 2 kids and a busy full time job, I struggle with this constantly. I am going to try the 3 project tip!! Excellent idea 🙂


  2. Kimberly

    I am loving these tips!! I don’t have a blog (yet) but your simple tricks are totally inspiring me!! Can’t wait to hear how you use your phone!!


  3. Teresa Doyle

    Chaitali, you nailed it! I clean my desktop after each finished card and put everything away, then I am more inspired to sit down and create again. (IF I were to leave the mess I would be less likely to be inspired.) When I have an idea for a card, I like to put all of the stamps, dies and products on a tray on my desk so when I sit down I can formulate my plan of action and I am more likely to get something accomplished.
    Very helpful tips. Keep it simple, I always say….TFS!


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