A new blogging method!

Hey everyone!

Long time no see?

I know I know I say that everytime I show up here these days. Life’s been busy and although I’m creating, I haven’t been blogging. It’s just too much work to take beautiful pics, list supplies and many times be constrained to use certain products 😞

But I miss you all! And I miss crafting for the joy of it then just putting out a picture of what I made.

So I’ve decided to try doing just that for the next month! I’m going to try and just create a couple times every week and post a photo with maybe a couple of lines of text here. I apologize to those who like more information about products used. Please know that you can comment on the post or email me anytime from my contact link if you’d really like to know certain products used!

I’m going to focus on improving my crafting process. I’ve realized I need to change how I do it now that I have a busy job and an energetic toddler. I need to figure out how to craft without dedicated 2 hrs at a time stealing a few mins here and there 😊 But I know I can do it because I ♥️ crafting!

My creations here will also range from physical to digital because I am doing a lot of digital illustrations too these days!

And another thing changing is my photography style. I no longer have time to shoot photos with my SLR and my lights and my photo cube. But I’ve been loving the new Flat-Lay photography trend and I do have a phone with a very good camera (Google Pixel)! So I’ll be trying that. Don’t worry – you’ll still see the old style of pics on some posts periodically!

So in summary:

  • Craft often!
  • Post often!
  • Be quick about both!

Thanks for reading this all the way through! I’ll leave you with my latest creation – enjoy the video! 😘

Happy Father’s Day!


  1. carol

    Totally hear you about the time/blogging/creating challenges, not to mention your dedication to your work and family. I may have to take some guidance from your new approach, as I’m feeling overwhelmed these days, too. Whether you post often or not, a little bit or a lot-of-bits, know that we’re here, delighted and dazzled by your creativity! Your latest creation…Oh my stars! I absolutely LOVE your video! And yes, Daddy is fun and your little girl? Talk about a treasure! Adorable x darling x incredibly sweet! Heart melted!


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