CPD Gift Ideas for Papercrafters

I’m super duper late for this post. It was supposed to go out last week but I’m only just getting to it. A very sick kiddo who spent much of last week in the hospital is my reason – mommy heart doesn’t feel like blogging or crafting when that happens 😦 So glad she is all better and smiley again!

Back to the release – hopefully I’m telling you about it before your holiday shopping is done because these are the PERFECT holiday gifts for crafters!! Here is Catherine’s guide to holiday gifts for papercrafters! You can click the image or click here to shop for them!


I had the privilege of designing the Still Smiling stamp set! Here is the set in all it’s glory!


This is the perfect set to say all sorts of Thank Yous! Apart from being the season of giving, aren’t holidays also the season of thanking? 🙂

I got to play with this set right when I needed it – to make little thank you treats for my daughter’s caregivers at her daycare and hospital for caring for her through her sickness. Here is what I made! Easy to put together and have the handmade touch. The tags are die-cut from a sheet my daughter colored with these markers.


And among other goodies in Catherine’s gift ideas is the Foundations box that comes with great inks! I used a lot of these on a quick get-well card for an injured toddler’s care package.


That’s all from me. Thanks for joining me today to look at these great gift options! Happy Holidays if I don’t see you again till next year! ❤

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