Catherine Pooler is going ANTI-Black Friday!

Hey everyone!

Dropping in to share some awesome news from my friend Catherine Pooler. Did you hear she is going ANTI-Black Friday this time!

What does that mean? Well, she has a little somethin’ somethin’ for her newsletter subscribers on Friday! A FREE something!! And I don’t usually get this excited but its really, REALLY AWESOME!

Isn’t that so nice? I loved the idea given that we are in the middle of all the crazy sales that are now starting the Friday BEFORE Black Friday! We need more ANTI-Black Fridays to get a break from the usual craziness!

So go over to her blog and get subscribed to get it! Enjoy!

One Comment

  1. Mary Gillmarten

    Did you know that REI is closing on Black Friday? That’s what my kids have said anyway. REI is saying “Go Outside!” I think that’s excellent!


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