Pink Power Bloghop 2015

This is a very personal and a very important post for me. Last year I organized the Pink Power bloghop for my mom who was then undergoing treatment for breast cancer. This year in August we had to say goodbye to her sadly. She fought bravely and smiled throughout her treatment even though it was painful for her.

Mom and me at spa-time!

Mom taught me so many things. Among them she helped me get started on my breastfeeding journey with Saanvi. She taught me to be a mom. It was a big loss for me to let go of my oldest and deepest connection in the same year – and in a span of few months – as forming my newest and deepest connection.

Mom and Saanvi

The biggest lesson mom taught me was that as important as it was to nurture Saanvi by breastfeeding her, it was equally important for me to take care of myself. BC is deadly and BC cannot be taken lightly but BC is curable if detected early. She strongly urged me to start doing regular checkups and mammograms from now on every year.

So I’m organizing the hop today to remind YOU also to Go get checked! Here is what I plan to do:

  • On the 26th of each month, I’ll encourage you with a card to do a self-exam
  • Every year I will urge you with this hop to go get a mammogram!
  • If you know anyone fighting BC or if you yourself are, please send me a note using my contact me page. I’d love to send you a card. My mom received many beautiful ones and loved them all!

Here is my card for today’s hop…


This uses the Verve Pink Power set I designed last year. I still love how powerful and elegant the bald silhouette is!

Joining me today to spread the Go get checked! message are some wonderful ladies. Please visit them all!

Chaitali <— you are here

And I have a giveaway for you!


Comment on this post as to when you last had your mammogram/Dr. checkup. The 3 people with the most recent checkup date will win a “I Think Pink” package from me with a bunch of pink goodies including the Pink Power stamp set.


  1. Ruby N

    I’m so sorry for your loss. 😦 I’m 31, I’ve never had a mammogram done. Every year at my ob-gyn visit, they perform the breast/pelvic exams. I’m supposed to have my annual check-ups this week. Take care, Chaitali.


  2. Maureen Hayes


    I sent you an email through your contact me page because I had some personal things to share that I didn’t want in the comments. I have had my mammo about 3 months ago, but I have had a different cancer screening in the past few weeks and am heading to Mayo Clinic in less than 2 weeks. Thank you for the chance to win some goodies to play with during this time.

    I lost my mom in June so I truly know the pain you are going through and you and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for raising awareness and saving lives with your blog!


  3. Kailash

    I am so sorry for your loss Chaitali, big hugs coming your way. Memories of your mum are sure to be cherished. I just had my annual physical /mammogram on the 28th September as I know it’s so important for our health. Thanks for bringing awareness to this issue.
    Your card is so beautiful and so are your photos:-))


  4. Aliya

    I am so sorry you lost your mom. Your loss is so deep and I pray for strength for you as you cope with such a big hole in your life. At the same time I am glad you were able to share becoming a mother with your mom. Be well.


  5. Lori Kobular

    I am so very sorry for your loss! Your card is beautiful and I love that stamp see! Thank you for doing this blog hop to increase awareness for Breast Cancer! Hoping they find a cure soon so we don’t lose any more wonderful women!


  6. Marisa

    Love that set you created, Chaitali and my sincerest sympathies on the loss of your mom. Have had a few dear friends who have had BC and thankfully both are survivors. Have had annual mammogram for 13 years now and next is due in Feb or next year 🙂


  7. Colleen F

    Congratulations on becoming and mom and having some time to glean valuable wisdom from your mom, even though it was too short! My mom was a BC survivor. I get a mammogram every year, mine is coming up the first of December. I think this hop is wonderful and thank you for doing this! YOU may be responsible for saving lives by this awareness you bring to the card makers! Thank you!


  8. Becca Cruger

    Thank you for sharing such a personal part of you in order to raise awareness for this. Your mother sounds like a truly lovely woman – inside and out. And obviously she raised a talented, amazing person in you.
    I actually get about 12 breast exams done every year – 😉
    I work in a medical school and each year I volunteer to be a model for the graduating physician and physician assistant students so they can learn how to give breast and pelvic exams. So my last 9 breast exams were done in May HA!


  9. irene grau

    I’m so sorry to hear about you mom, yet so happy she was here to meet Saavi! BC isn’t anything to ignore. I had a mammogram in late May. There was concern about the left breast, but insurance being what it is, it was over 3 months before I could get back in for deeper scans. Talk about a roller coaster ride! I finally got back in last month — got an all clear! Whew! I’m fortunate that I haven’t known anyone personally who has had to deal with breast cancer — although just about every other kind has hit friends or family. Cancer is, pardon my french, a bitch!


  10. Laura Jane

    I am so sorry for the loss of your mother Chaitali. This is a beautiful ongoing tribute to her.
    My mother, MIL, and aunt are all BC survivors. I know, early detection is important!
    My last Mammogram was 10/2/15.


  11. susannev2014

    My deepest sympathy for the loss of your Mom! What a roller coaster year you have had! Glad that she could meet sweet Saanvi! So wonderful of you to organize this blog hop and sending us reminders every month! Those could save lives!
    Beautiful card, too!


  12. conil

    Such a loss for you…I’m so sorry! Have many loved ones who’ve gone through this devastating disease. Some who aren’t with us any more,but many, because of their diligence, who are, thankfully. Have even had a scare myself, but thanks to my self checks and annual mammogram, it was caught and checked out early. Fortunately, it was nothing to worry about. My last mammography was in June 2015.


  13. Nupur

    Sorry for your loss Chaitali… You are doing a great Job in increasing awareness about BC! Everywhere we hear women suffering from BC but think it can’t happen to us. Thank you for enlightening us! My good wishes r always with you! Take care…


  14. Crimson Owl Creations

    Your beautiful card and post today made me cry! I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2001. I would love to win your beautiful stamp set! Every year I make a card with my mom in mind. Thanks for this wonderful inspiration today!
    Take care!


  15. Heather North

    Chiatali, I am so sorry about the loss of your dear mother. I know she will never be far from your heart and thoughts. Thank you for all that you are doing to raise awareness. I go in for my first mammogram in January. Scared to schedule it, but gonna do it for my aunt who waited too long to be rechecked.


  16. Virginia L.

    BIG hugs to you, Chaitali. Your Mom’s spirit and love really show through in all things you do. LOVE and CHERISH your baby daughter just like what your Mom did for you. Thank you for organizing this hop. You are absolutely amazing.


  17. mjmarmo

    Had mine on schedule last April. I am a two time breast cancer survivor. Early detection and mammograms are key! I am so sorry for your loss.


  18. Berina Febin

    Hugs to you, Chaitali! Your mom will be so proud of you!! I’m glad you were able to share your motherhood moments with your mom, though they were short. I’m 27 and I’ve never had a mammogram 😦 . Thanks for spreading the awareness!! Take care!
    Moxie Craftie


  19. Michelle Lupton

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Chaitali. A friend I have had since I was 5years old is going through treatment for BC right now, so I saw my GP last week, and booked in for a mammogram tomorrow morning.


  20. Maria

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom. I sure it was so difficult to lose her. I’m on my 3rd radiation treatment of 32. I was diagnosed with BC in late August and had a lumpectomy in September. I was very fortunate to be Stage 1A and my prognosis is very good. You’re doing a wonderful thing in honoring your mom. Maria


  21. JoAnn B.

    So sorry for the loss of your mom. This is a great thing you are doing to encourage everyone to get a yearly mammogram. i do get one every year.
    Your card is special.


  22. natgodfrey

    I am truly sorry for your lost. My mom survived BC only to lose to lung cancer. I had my mammogram in July of this year. I make it a point to have it check because I am 3 yrs cancer free from ovarian cancer. So please stay strong!


  23. Neha

    Sorry for your loss dear! my mom had 3rd stage BC and after a long fight, she is a survivor for 6 years.
    These stamps reflects your pain and your love fir her. Just beautiful set and your card too. I had my check up done in August. Please stay strong… A big hug to you.


  24. scrapchick2

    What a fabulous way to honor your mom. I had BC 16 years ago and cannot encourage everyone enough to have them yearly. They can truly be a lifesaver for a little bit of discomfort. I had my last mamogram October 21st. Stay strong and keep on reminding people to have checkups done and to do self exams frequently.


  25. Suchi

    Hi Chaitali…This cause is very close to me as I lost my MIL a few months back due to BC. She was at her 4th stage with no chance of survival. Thank you for organising this hop to help realise that EARLY detection can save one from BC. Your mom was beautiful …and so is your card! 🙂
    Suchi xx


  26. amytsuruta

    Chaitali, so honored to be part of this important blog hop….what a wonderful way to honor such an amazing woman♡

    Your card is absolutely beautiful!


  27. Helen Gullett

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom. She was a wonderful mom and grandma. My recent mammograph was in April 2015. And the result was not complete. They saw a cloud and I have to have another one in November. I am nerveous and worry about it but I put my hope and trust to the One who held me in His mighty hands.

    Thank you Chaitali for this blog hop! Very encouraging knowing there are lots of people like you who care and support for each other.


  28. Cris G.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, Chaitali! Your mom was an amazing and caring woman.
    I lost my mom seven years ago after a hard battle. I followed my mom to every exam, every treatment, and tried to be as silly as I could and make her laugh as much as I could, thus her days wouldn’t be so heavy. In the end it was as tough as if we didn’t know what was going on…
    My last mammogram was very recent, but I don’t count because I have regular appointments… that’s how special I am :).


  29. Yvonne

    So sorry for your loss! This is a beautiful card show casing the memories of individuals who have traveled this jouney. Thanks for sharing!


  30. Vicki Smith

    Deeply sorry for the loss of your mother as I, too, lost my mother 6 years ago and it’s rough. Your card says it all and I appreciate your stand on breast cancer.


  31. Carol Carr

    I have completed the blog hop and just wanted to come back and let you know how awe inspiring your stamp set is, Chaitali. It is the most BEAUTIFUL stamp set I have ever seen!! I had not seen it before, and now that I have, I think it is definitely a set that everyone should have in their collection.


  32. Terri

    My mammo is scheduled for this Wednesday October 28 in the afternoon. The mammo place cancelled on me three times due to being short staffed but finally i am reset this week. I’m sorry to hear about your mom.


  33. Karen H

    So sorry for you loss. I have my mammo every year. Mine is scheduled for Dec 17th, 2015. I also feel that breastfeeding is the best thing that you can do for your children.


  34. Jeanine Gordon

    I had my first bout with cancer at 39. Seventeen years later it came back as metastatic cancer. I have been battling that for 11 years. I just had my last mammo on Saturday October 24. Never give up always keep fighting and always keep checking.


  35. Sue Smith

    Chaitali, I am so sorry for your loss. Nothing can replace a Mother. I love your card. It is very regal and beautiful. My little sis was diagnosed w/ breast cancer in 2011. I was with her every step of the way through her journey and tried to be as strong as she was. She is a valiant warrior in my sight. May peace be with you and help to ease your loss.


  36. beth swisher

    Such a beautiful, inspiring card. I lost a number of friends over 30 years ago as it was just beginning to come to public few. My mom had 2 types about a decade ago. She did beat it with radiation. She has passed now at 90 years old. Still miss her even though she had a great life, the greatest generation. With all the wonderful cliches you hear it is still hard at anytime to lose your mom.
    Keep your mom in your heart, she is never really gone.
    Breastfeeding is a wonderful closeness to give you and your baby and also reduces the risk of breast cancer.


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