Diwali Cards – Day 5

Hey everyone!

Continuing the Diwali cards series today. If you just dropped by, check out my Day 1Day 2Day 3 and Day 4 cards.

So the cards I showed you till now were each unique and different in groups of 5. And I had full plans to continue this way for this year and make all of my cards like this. But then she happened…a full month early!

Saanvi and Mamma!

So I took a little maternity leave from cardmaking to enjoy time with her. But I was also thinking of a good way to make the remaining Diwali cards while sticking with my previous goal of making them in groups of 5.

I hit on Letterpress as a great way to add mass production and handmaking together! A common friend had introduced me to Annemarie Munn of Ladybones Print Shop earlier. It was fun knowing the industrial side of paper from her, as opposed to my hobby/consumer side. So I reached out to her asking for help making my design into foil letterpress panels that I could turn into complete cards with more techniques. And she did a fantastic job!

Here is my illustrated design turned into delicious gold foil letterpress!


And another close-up look because I can’t stop staring at it! Or touching it! Isn’t it beautiful??


My plan is to use this design as the basis of my remaining Diwali cards but still employ techniques to turn it into unique cards in groups of 5.

Here is the first of the cards.


I stenciled on this with Papertrey Ink’s Sweet Blush and Lemon Tart inks and using My Favorite Things Stencil Abstract. The stars are from Verve Pink Power set (it was out on my desk for October’s BC awareness cards!) and I stamped them with black ink and over that again with Delicata Gold ink. Mounted the letterpressed panel on kraft cardstock to finish the card!

And a different angled look to show you how shiny the letterpress is!


And all 5 of the cards in this set together…


I’ll be back next few days to show more Diwali cards with the letterpress panel but different techniques!


  1. Virginia L.

    WOW!! I love all of your creations form Diwali! Your illustration is SUPERB!! That MFT stencil is used so brilliantly!! Please kiss and hug your little cutie pie for me!


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