Say hello to Saanvi!

Hey everyone!

So I was keeping a secret all year this year. A secret that got bigger each month πŸ˜‰ Yup it was our first baby!!!

I’m a very private person so didn’t feel like sharing the news that we were expecting a baby on the blog. Not till she was actually here.

But now she is!!! Saanvi was born on June 11 at 7.17 pm. She was 4 weeks early at 36 weeks but is healthy at 6.2 lbs. Her name is one of the names of goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity.

If I have been MIA here on the blog for a while, its because I had a 4-day long labor. Saanvi and I are doing fine now and settling in the newborn cuddling phase.

Unfortunately we aren’t ready yet for Saanvi to make a photo debut here on the blog. I promise you’ll have an overload of baby pics soon! In the meantime wanna see how she looked as a bump?


And how about a peek at her tiny footprints just an hour after birth?


I’ll be away from crafting for a while including illustrating as you might have read on the Verve blog. When I resume crafting/blogging, I hope you will visit here regularly again! Till then I’ll be onΒ the wonderful journey of motherhood and would love to hear your tips if any on it πŸ™‚


  1. cmayne

    Ooops…I was so excited I pressed ‘publish’ too quickly! Chaitali, congratulations to you and your husband on the arrival of Saanvi! A blessing to you both, as you are to her! You will be a fantastic ‘mommy’! Your photos here: precious! Looking forward to seeing Saanvi when she’s ready!
    Hugs and love,


  2. Sindhu

    Congratulations to you and your husband, Chaitali! πŸ™‚ Will wait for the pics of your little one… πŸ™‚ both the pics you shared here are cute!


  3. tiffani

    Chaitali, what wonderful news!!! You will be missed at verve, but being a mother is the greatest gift you could experience. Enjoy your sweet bundle of joy and ill look forward to the next time you start creating.


  4. Virginia L.

    SUPER happy for you, dear Chaitali! That photo of you two is priceless!!! LOVE! Hope the baby and Mom (and Dad) are doing well. Happy hugs!


  5. Kailash

    Congratulations Chaitali, wishing you everything of the best as your journey into motherhood starts:-) love your baby’s name and the picture is simply adorable!!!


  6. Berina Febin

    Congratulations Chaitali!! Enjoy being with your little bundle of joy!! We will wait for you πŸ™‚ This pic with you both is gorgeous!! Waiting for pics of little Saanvi.. take care…


  7. Anja curvers

    Congrats and what a lovely name thank you for sharing that awesome picture and I adore those footprints. And anout tips I would say enjoy, enjoy and charish all the little moments I wish you all the luck.


  8. Helen F.

    Congratulations, Chaitali! This photo of you and your husband is beautiful!
    So very happy you were missing from the Summer Coffee Blog Hop for such a wonderful reason πŸ™‚ Very best wishes to your and your family


  9. Kristi

    Congratulations! What a wonderful announcement to read. I applaud you for taking your time, enjoying your new role as mommy and learning all about your precious baby. The best “advice” I have is that the days are long and the years are short so try not to get wrapped up in the things that just don’t matter in the long run.


  10. Maye M.L.

    Congratulations, may health and happiness surround you and your family always. May love keep growing along with her so that you and your husband grow stronger too to make happiness each and every day. cheers!


  11. Heather North

    That is quite the secret you have been keeping! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Family first, especially children. We will be here when you come back. Trust me, they grow too quickly. I can’t wait to see her precious pictures. Congratulations to you again!


  12. karenladd

    Oh my goodness, what wonderful news! I would have to say that you had the absolute best reason to miss the Coffee Lovers Hop and can’t wait to get a peek at your sweet new addition!!


  13. jintyoo7

    What fantastic news – CONGRATULATIONS to you both and a welcome to little Miss Saanvi. Beautiful photograph. Rest when you can and look forward to Miss Saanvi’s debut πŸ™‚


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