Say hello to Saanvi!

Hey everyone!

So I was keeping a secret all year this year. A secret that got bigger each month 😉 Yup it was our first baby!!!

I’m a very private person so didn’t feel like sharing the news that we were expecting a baby on the blog. Not till she was actually here.

But now she is!!! Saanvi was born on June 11 at 7.17 pm. She was 4 weeks early at 36 weeks but is healthy at 6.2 lbs. Her name is one of the names of goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity.

If I have been MIA here on the blog for a while, its because I had a 4-day long labor. Saanvi and I are doing fine now and settling in the newborn cuddling phase.

Unfortunately we aren’t ready yet for Saanvi to make a photo debut here on the blog. I promise you’ll have an overload of baby pics soon! In the meantime wanna see how she looked as a bump?


And how about a peek at her tiny footprints just an hour after birth?


I’ll be away from crafting for a while including illustrating as you might have read on the Verve blog. When I resume crafting/blogging, I hope you will visit here regularly again! Till then I’ll be on the wonderful journey of motherhood and would love to hear your tips if any on it 🙂


  1. Lisa Marie

    Just seeing this…..congrats!!!!! Enjoy every minute of motherhood, because they fly by ~ hard to believe my one and only daughter just got married last weekend!


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