Personalized Sticky Notes

Hey folks!

I’m here with a digital art project today. It all started with a lovely package Joy sent me as a planner buddy. I knew I had to send her something special too and after racking my brains I decided to design a custom sticky notepad for her!

As I was designing it, I got so caught up in the fun that I designed a bunch more designs! Made quite a few notepads with the designs for more crafty friends. Here is a sampling of all the designs I made. I sent out a lot more than the notepads in the photo because I made about 2 of each design.


I’ve enjoyed this so much that I’d like to design personalized notepads for those of you who want one! I’ve setup a page with all my current designs here. You can contact me via this form to place an order. Please indicate which design you want and the name you want on your design.

To let my international friends also enjoy this, I have decided to keep the personalized orders to a digital design only. You can print the design at Vistaprint or any other online place that prints sticky notes. If you use something other than Vistaprint, please let me know the name.

Cost will be $5 per design.

Please do check back to the designs page often! I plan to make and post new designs periodically!


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