Season’s Givings Bloghop!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my post for the Season’s Givings bloghop! You should have come here from Lori Tecler’s blog.

I’m rolling this in with my “looking back” post for 2014 and also my goals post for 2015 so hope you will stick around till the end of this long post!

I set some goals for myself in my “looking back and new year goals” post for 2013-2014 last year. Lets see how I did on those…

I promised to do a video a week for 2014. I did keep up with that for most of the year with Iron Craft Season 2! 🙂 Iron Craft was also my biggest blog series of this year with lots of fun celebrity crafters to interview on video and the very big Iron Craft finale LIVE with 4 of my most admired crafters!

I also said I wanted to continue designing more stamps in 2014. I was able to make my favorite designs into stamps with Verve this year! You can see all my designs so far here.

I got a few guest designing opportunities and ofcourse being on the Verve DT has been a lot of fun. Even more fun was organizing my own bloghops. The Coffee Lovers Bloghop was a big hit and well loved!

I had a big goal to get published in 2014 and I gave a lot of time and effort to this! I got published 4 times this year! Twice in Papercrafts & Scrapbooking Magazine and twice in Scrap & Art magazine!

You may be wondering why I don’t have aggressive crafting goals for 2015. Thats because I feel more at peace with my hobby now. I’ve done many things in this hobby and I know what I enjoy and what is too much. I’d like to keep crafting as an enjoyable hobby and not a stressful job.

In 2015 I want to spend more time with my family and friends. We are expecting some changes at work and home so I’d like to slow down on crafting but not take time off completely.

So as my blog reader what can you expect?

  • I’ve decided to defer Iron Craft Season 3 and not do it next year. I’ll revisit later and decide when I can do it but consider it on hold for now.
  • I’ll still be designing stamps for Verve and will be on the DT.
  • I’ll also be doing a few guest designing gigs as they come my way.
  • I will have some series on my blog periodically but have decided to put video work on hold.

In general, things will be slow on the blog next year but I hope you will still visit me when I have a post up! Because I still want to make cards! 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me till the end of the post! Now for my giveaway for the bloghop…


If you were to buy every single stamp set I illustrated for Verve in 2014 along with the co-ordinating dies, the package would be $230 at full price. I’m giving away a Verve gift certificate for that price today!!!

Why gift certificate and why not the goodies themselves? Because I’d like all my international readers to participate too and shipping costs are too varied. Also, this way you can choose your own goodies as well as take advantage of sales and discounts Verve has!AllStamps-01


So leave me a comment to enter the giveaway. You have until Jan 11, 2015 11:59 pm PST to enter. After that, I’ll choose the lucky winner for the giveaway!!

Thats all from me for this year! Happy New Year to you and see you in 2015! Your next stop on the hop is Darsie Bruno.


  1. Louise W

    What a wonderful give-away. I am just learning how to stamp and trying to go to the next level with my cards. If you need a break to spend more time with your family I know you will NEVER regret that. I want to check out your designs. These stamps look wonderful. Blessings this year to you and family. Will look for a blog to follow. 🙂


  2. Tammy Mauer

    WOW..what an amazing giveaway! So generous of you. It is important to have balance with all blessings in our lives. Blessings to you and your family in 2015!


  3. Sue

    My goodness that is the most wonderful prize you are offering to us all for making a comment on you blog. I love your Verve work you are very talented and I like that you have brought in some of your own culture. I wish you luck in 2015 and hope your family remains well.


  4. prachi

    Nav Varsh Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye.

    Wish you and your family a very happy new year. I have always admired your work and loved reading your blog. Felt so good to read about your 2014 crafting achievements. It gives me immense pleasure to see an Indian perform so well in the international crafting arena.

    I will surely miss reading your blog in 2015. Hope and wish that you would be active on your blog soon.

    And last but not the least thanks a lot for this fabulous give away. Any body would love to get the fantastic stamps illustrated by you. So keeping my fingers crossed.

    All the best and loads of good wishes.


  5. Jenelle Reyes

    Wow! What a generous prize! Congratulations on all your achievements for 2014! A New Year means taking the time to reassess priorities and to make changes for the better. Hoping you have a terrific 2015!!


  6. Smokie

    When a hobby becomes a job it sometimes loses the joy it once gave you. Take your time and enjoy what life passes your way. Happy and healthy New Year.


  7. Stampnk

    Good for you in doing what is best for yourself and your family. Just reading about your busy schedule made me need a nap!!! Thanks for all the creative inspiration you have given us through your blog and your designing and have a wonderful 2015!


  8. Shartl

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway and for all the fun blog posts in 2014! I loved watching your Iron Craft videos and meeting all of my favorite designers and bloggers through you. Taking time for all aspects of your life is important and I hope that you find the perfect balance! Happy New Year and take care. I’ll be watching to see what you come up with in the next year!


  9. arlsmom Lynda

    I’ve enjoyed your Iron Craft series…and will miss it…wish my accomplishment list was half as long as yours… Wishing you the very best in 2015 and looking forward to seeing more of your stamp designs!!!


  10. Lynn Petersen

    Wow what an amazing giveaway! Thank you for making my first blog hop so much fun! I look forward to all your upcoming posts. Happy New Year!


  11. c

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Chaitali! My father passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 30th, so I’m only just now catching up on your posts. Simply visiting your blog has boosted my spirits and brought a smile to my face. Thank you. Reading about your goals for 2015: sounds intriguing. I find the ‘changes at home’ quite interesting; hope what I’m *thinking* comes to fruition *grin* That you’re finding ‘comfort’ in crafting is so inspiring; I need to follow that path. Your giveaway: I’m in awe! Said it before and will say it again: your generosity is exponential! May 2015 see you abundantly blessed in every way!


  12. AngieB

    Oh wow! You are so generous in your giveaway!!! I didn’t see this earlier when the hop went live. I just visited a couple of blogs and now I see you have one after visiting and commenting on yesterday’s fab post so here I am since you are leaving it open until the 11th! 🙂


  13. Debra Kinder

    I applaud your decision to find more balance and let go of some things temporarily. While I’ll miss the Iron Craft this year, I completely support your decision and will stick with you regardless because I love your cards!!!! Thanks for a chance to win. I need some inspiration and what better way than to use some new stamps.


  14. Linda E

    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize! The stamps you have designed for Verve are beautiful and would make a welcome addition to my collection. I will definitely miss the Iron Craft series but totally understand that this is a hobby for most of us and life happens! Wishing you all good things in 2015.


  15. Gretchen Wilson

    Wonderful hopping and so many creative designers out there I love Verve stamps and would be honored to win this great chance of a lifetime.


  16. Lisa Tatem

    Happy New Year! Wow, thanks for the very generous giveaway. I truly understand the desire and goal to spend more time with family, friends and your papercrafting hobby, but I’m still SO sad to hear you won’t be doing another season of Iron Craft! 😦 It is such a unique concept that I thoroughly enjoyed and will miss terribly….plus I was looking forward to a video interview with Raisin Boat this year. Have you considered only doing one per quarter? Or passing on the torch to a fellow crafter?


  17. Madhura Joshi

    I am follower of your blog since 2008- ‘chai time’.I just love the way you write and definitely the craft challenges! You are awesome! I remember reading your first post of 2014 mentioning the goals. Now, your craft resume of 2014 has it all!!! I wholeheartedly agree with you about the work, family, craft balance. Will be eagerly waiting for Iron craft 3! Wish you a very happy new year!


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