What have I been upto?

Hey everyone!

Long time no see? 🙂 I have been missing you all! But I’ve been busy!

First up I was helping organize this really big event that happened in my office this week! It was a whole lot of fun getting to meet many folks! And there you have it. A sneak peek into the other side of me 🙂

Next I have been busy preparing for Halloween. Pictures of my costume coming this weekend. We are hosting a photo booth for trick-or-treating in our community. Here is what we have planned…

IMG_0418    sweets

Yup I designed the life-sized Instagram frame for the event, printed it at Costco on a 20 X 30 posterboard and cut out the middle. Love the fun touch for the photo booth! And the background is one of 2 backdrops we got for Halloween from here.

Thats all folks! I’ll be back on Monday for a fun bloghop and with some holiday cards after that! Happy Halloween!!!


  1. c

    So wonderful that you’ve popped in today, and fingers crossed we’ll see you around more often! You’ve been missed! The big Polaroid…too clever and “you” as the photo, absolutely ingenious! You’re such a sweetheart, sharing your creativity with us and your other communities!


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