BlogU Series – Need your input!

Hey everyone!

I’m here today to ask for your input.

Many of you know I’m a software engineer. I have helped many of my papercrafting friends with technical issues in their blogs periodically. That got me thinking that perhaps there is a need for a good course on blogging for beginner and intermediate bloggers!

I’d like to design and provide such a course but only if it is really wanted.

So, I have a little survey for you all to fill out today. Please click below to take the survey and provide your input. It will be super useful to me to decide what content to put in the series and how to structure it. And even whether to make it at all 🙂

BlogU Series Survey

If you have friends who are bloggers (not just papercrafters), please share the survey with them as well! I’d like to make this useful to all bloggers but mainly papercrafters ofcourse! 🙂

Thanks so much!


  1. jamie Vanskiver

    I want to start a blog. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, but I have no idea where to start! So YES I’d be interested too!


  2. jaebersole

    As one who is seriously deficient in the tech department when it comes to blogging–I have spent many frustrating hours trying to figure things out on my own on numerous occasions–I would very happily purchase your class!!!


  3. ThePurplePlace

    I think it sounds like a great idea ! I use BLogger for my blog and most times I can figure thing out! But, we use WordPress for Design Team projects and it’s been horrible and very hard to figure out, and seems to have a mind of it’s own! Mostly with formatting, or so it seems! I am NOT a WP fan at ALL, maybe with YOUR help, I could learn to like it and better use it!


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