New Craft Room Tour!

Hey folks!

I promised a look at my new craft room this week and here I am! You probably saw a sneaky peek of it in the Iron Craft Finale video and in my recent bow-making series. Happy to show you around now!

Warning: This is a very photo-heavy post!

So this is the craft room I got last year in November when we moved to our new home. After I finished filming all the Iron Craft videos in July this year, I decided it was time for a makeover. Hustled my husband into helping out and we got started.

Lets see the overall finished room first…


I chose a dark blue color for the background and we painted the wall. The color is Sherwin Williams Regatta if you are interested. I thought it would contrast nicely with the white furniture!

We then went furniture shopping at Ikea after the painting was done. I went with the most common Ikea furniture for crafters so no surprises there. The bookcases on either side are Billy bookcases and the table is made of a large Linnamon tabletop with 2 Alex drawer units.

Here is a closer look at the workspace…


I added some touches to make it my special crafting corner. Lets look at them closely?

First the Copics stand. This was an idea I saw first on Tangii’s blog. Its a wine rack repurposed to be a Copic stand. Fun right?!



Next the pen and tool holder and the vase. Both are my favorites! The vase I made at a team offsite event. We had gone glassblowing! Love the peppermint look with red and white stripes! And it glows so nicely in the sun.

The pen and tool holder is a gift from my office. It was given out to all women engineers. I love a reminder of my other hobby/job – software engineering – on my desk.


I decorated the 2 bookcases with goodies too. I wanted them to double up as supply storage and a space for decorations. Lets start with the left one first…


I like that I have tons of additional space to grow into. Thats a tip for those of you thinking of craftroom makeovers. Build lots of space to grow!

The most fun part of this bookcase is my inspiration shelf. I plan to put beautiful cards received from other crafters here to inspire me in my work. Currently displays Yainea‘s card from our Iron Craft episode and Julee‘s card with my first Verve stamp designs!


Next up is the right bookshelf.


Storage for more craft stuff here. And a few decorations.

I like that right at the top of both bookshelves I have space for my giant stuffed toys. One is an Android I got from my office and the other is a racoon which was a gift from one of my interns a couple of summers ago.


2 more things to show you in this setup – 1. the blue lamps clamped on the shelf above my work area. I spray painted them. Aren’t they so cute?! Inspired by this post on Damask Love.


2. the chalkboard with the quote. I found the chalkboard at Hobby Lobby but it was red on the edges. Gave it a white paint finish and deliberately kept my brush strokes visible. Love the look! I liked this quote so decorated it on the board with bistro markers. But the board is erasable so I can change the quote anytime.


Lets look at the other section of my crafty area now…


I realized early on that I needed 2 separate work areas in my craft room. One where I could stamp and craft and one to photograph or sit for my video work. My brand of videos is interactive with video chats with people and not a lot of crafting in the video. So keeping those 2 areas separate made sense. I moved my old craft table to a suitable location so it could be used for photos and as a second workspace. My sewing machine also has a space to itself now.

The setup you saw in all Iron Craft episodes this season was the Liatorp bookcase behind me. I filmed them all sitting where the printer is now. I like that this setup allows me to easily move things around and gives me many locations to sit for videos!


The Liatorp has loads of storage for my stamps and Cuttlebug and dies and stencils…phew! And I have a closet on the wall opposite to the printer that is full of craft stuff too. No peeks in there for you guys. Too messy! 🙂

Last thing to show you guys…. my vinyl erasable chalkboard calendar for my monthly craft schedule! I love to see the month at a glance here!


Thats the whole room for you all! Hope you enjoyed the tour!! I look forward to crafting lots in this space. 🙂


  1. bethholt4

    Thanks for a tour of your craft room! I wish I had more space to have a room dedicated to just my crafting. I love the idea of the wine rack for Copic storage! I am totally going to use that! Can’t wait for more of Iron Craft!


  2. Kathy

    Thanks for the photo tour of your craft room! I really like the blue shade on the feature wall…hope that you are enjoying crafting there. So nice that you have a large window too. 🙂


  3. Maureen Hayes

    Thanks Chai, for the tour! Would you consider doing a video of it? It is nice to see your full space, especially after following you through all the Iron Craft fun! I wish you many happy years of fun and crafting there.


  4. Amy

    CHAI…you don’t seem to have NEARLY enough crafting supplies. Which makes me mad because you make much more beautiful cards with less stuff. That is a mark of how good someone is, I think!!!! LOVE the room. And thank you for a FABULOUS IC series!!!


    1. Chaitali

      Haha that’s the first time I heard that I don’t have many supplies 🙂 Actually they are well hidden in my closet and drawers. I “shop” in my craft room when I want to make something and take out only what I need. It still gets messy some days 🙂


    1. Chaitali

      Hehe nope it isn’t 🙂 If you follow my FB page, I recently posted a pic when it was messy. I do clean it up after every milestone though. E.g. after I’ve finished making all cards for a DT release.


  5. c

    Chaitali, your craft room is utterly spectacular! Bright, cheery, organized…if I had such a space (dreaming, dreaming….), I suspect I’d never come out! A room like this definitely sparks creativity! Thank you for sharing it with us (and yes, I too LOVE your stuffies and the lighting!)


  6. Chriss Blagrave

    Love your craft room Chaitali, beautiful blue wall to ground and frame the room. I love your clamp lighting and the fact that it is overhead. Beautifully organized…mine is getting there 😉 Thanks for sharing with us!
    Maybe a future blog hop on crafting spaces?
    Thanks so much for all that you do. Yestrday’s coffee hop was a blast!


  7. yainea

    I LOVE your craft room!! I dream of having a pretty craft room some day 🙂 Also, wow!!! You really made my day when I saw my card displayed there!! That’s a big honor!! Thanks!! Oh!! and I love that Google pen holder and Android plushies, so cool!


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