BowZ All About Ribbons

Hey everyone!

I’m here with final day of the 3-day series to show off the Craft-Dee Bowz Bow Making Tool to you! Click here for previous days – day 1, day 2.

Today its all about ribbons! I learnt a lot about ribbons when trying out the tool so I made the video to pass on this knowledge to you.

This is my first time making such a video so I would love to hear what you think!

I used the hardest-to-make bow, the grosgrain ribbon bow, on a holiday card with non-traditional colors. Here is the card!


This card uses Lawn Fawn Critters in the Snow stamp set. I colored up and fussy cut the little reindeer! And the tag is from WPlus9 Timeless Tags 2.

Hope you enjoyed the series! If you liked it, and would like to see more such series, please leave me a comment! Thanks!!


  1. Donna Maligno

    Wonderful tutorial, Chaitali. You did discover the two types of ribbons that do not lend themselves to great bow making – grosgrain and double- faced satin. New thing your readers should know is that one of the secrets to perfect bow making is to tie their bow tightly to you don’t have all that bulking in the knot. We have some wonderful videos and how-to’s on our blog that will make anyone a pro in ten minutes and you will be so proud of yourself! Please visit the Craft-Dee BowZ blog at And thanks again for a great video!


  2. Pat McCleary

    Chaitali, I enjoyed your 3 day series on bow making. I don’t have this tool(yet), but felt your tips were very helpful. Keep up the great work- it’s a pleasure to see what you’re working on.


  3. c

    Your wrap up here, sharing your ‘best ribbon research’ is so informative and engaging! And guess what ribbons are most plentiful in my stash (a small one, but a collection nonetheless)? Grosgrain and satin *palm smack on forehead* Now I know ‘part’ of the reason why I can’t make bows: not so great materials to work with and that, paired with my bow-making inability in general…little wonder I avoid bows completely. You’ve worked magic with this wonderful tool…and have been very convincing as to how ‘essential’ it is….


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