Iron Craft Season 2 Finale – Reveal Day 3

Hey everyone!

Welcome to reveal day 3 of Iron Craft! Today I announce the third of 4 guests for the finale. For previous guest reveals click here – day 1, day 2

Missed my finale announcement? You can go back and check it out here later. But in a nutshell, it will be a LIVE video event here on my blog on Sunday, September 14, 10:30 am PST.

Ready to see my third guest?



It is so intimidating to give an “introduction” for Kristina! If you papercraft, you know her. Thats all.

So in lieu of an introduction, how about a fun fact about Kristina? Kristina started her blog in 2006! If you browse around her blog, you can see how her style has changed over the years!

And you should check out her handwriting! I wish I could write like that!!

Wanna see some samples of her creativity?

I’m so excited to have Kristina as a guest for the live finale!

Got questions for her for the finale? Ask on this Facebook Event! If Kristina picks your question to answer, you will win a $10 gift certificate to one of your favorite craft stores!

Thats apart from the giveaways today! There are 2 giveaways happening today to welcome Kristina to Iron Craft!! I am sponsoring one for a set of Kristina’s favorite new pens! And Ellen Hutson is sponsoring the other for a $10 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson!


To win, just leave a comment here before 11:59 pm on September 13 and I’ll pick 2 lucky winners for the giveaways!

I hope to see you on Sunday!


  1. Linda D.

    I always look forward to seeing what Kristina has on her blog daily. She is a very talented person and shows wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.


  2. Melitta Ball

    In my next life I want to be Kristina Werner! She is such a phenomenal teacher and inspires me daily! I’m so excited to meet the first two guests as well because you can’t have too many inspirational leaders in your life!


  3. Judy Sander

    Kristina is right up there on top …..a favorite mentor. Love her teaching style and the beautiful cards she designs. She can make any card come to life with a strong desire to copy it. Not only is she very gifted with talent, she is humble. I am looking forward to the live session and to get to know Laura and Nicole better as well. We will have fun!


  4. Tee

    Kristina is an amazing designer. Her cards are all so unique and I have been a fan of her work since I first found her videos on Two Peas in a Bucket. Awesome


  5. Farida

    Love to watch Kristina coloring…my husband and I are always amazed that it starts from a simple (yet beautiful) stamp and she turns it into a masterpiece every time!!


  6. Kathy S

    just found this site can’t wait to see what its all about- found Kristina recently -thanks to Jennifer McGuire-i know I must be slow but love her work and can’t wait to see what you have in store-thanks heaps


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