Iron Craft Season 2 Finale – Reveal Day 1

Hey everyone!

Welcome to reveal day 1 of Iron Craft! Today I announce the first of 4 guests for the finale.

Missed my finale announcement? You can go back and check it out here later. But in a nutshell, it will be a LIVE video event here on my blog on Sunday, September 14, 10:30 am PST.

Ready to see my first guest?



If you look through her blog first without reading her “About Me” page, you won’t believe she is 17 years old! She has oodles of talent and makes really good videos! She is on some great design teams too.

Laura has a fun and colorful style that I really love. Wanna see some samples of her creativity?

I’m so excited to have Laura as a guest for the live finale!

Got questions for her for the finale? Ask on this Facebook Event! If Laura picks your question to answer, you will win a $10 gift certificate to one of your favorite stores!

Thats apart from the giveaways today! There are 2 giveaways happening today to welcome Laura to Iron Craft!! This is also when I welcome Ellen Hutson and Pretty Pink Posh as sponsors for the Iron Craft finale!

Here are today’s 2 giveaways… a giveaway of sequins from Pretty Pink Posh and a $10 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson!


To win, just leave a comment here before 11:59 pm on September 13 and I’ll pick 2 lucky winners for the giveaways!

I hope to see you on Sunday!


  1. Eileen L.

    Question: Laura, when you first started cardmaking what was the first difficulty you ran into, was it measurements, layers, color combinations, shapes of layers??? Thanks.


  2. Maureen Hayes

    Wow, only 17 years old?! Laura you are one talented young woman and I can only imagine that is going to continue to grow and grow! Welcome to iron craft! I can’t wait to see you on the live finale!


  3. andrenesmith

    I have a huge list of possible finale guests and Laura was one of them! Her cards are adorable and she is a definite budding talent in this industry


  4. Michele Goat Girl

    Laura’s cards have a the look, freshness and professionalism of a card marker that’s been making cards for years! They are so cute and lovely. Amazing!


  5. prachi82

    People say that talent does not depend on the age and Laura is an true example of that. Her work is so much fun to watch. Way to go Laura…Keep up the good work. God Bless. Looking forward for the finale.


  6. Kerry Phillips

    I just came across Laura’s blog the other day through Jennifer McGuire and I am blown away by her clean crisp style! She has AMAZING skills! WTG Laura!!


  7. craftingjess

    I cannot believe how talented this young woman is. I have enjoyed watching the cards she creates on Saturday Stamp Days! I am astounded that someone so young has the focus/dedication to hone her talent on crafting/blogging as well as she does.


  8. Sallee P.

    I found Laura’s channel when I stumbled upon her craft room tour, and I became a subscriber straight away. (It’s an awesome room, Laura!) I have to admit, I was shocked to learn she’s only 17 when Jennifer McGuire mentioned Laura on her blog one day. Hope all your crafty (and non-crafty) dreams come true! Your future is bright, I’m sure.


  9. Deborah S

    It is great when a young up and comer can get a boost from this type of exposure thanks Sailee for choosing such a great variety of finale guest can’t wait!


  10. Judy Sander

    I just discovered this marvelous artist and crafter the other day and am amazed that she is so young. Her designs are fabulous and I will look to see more of what she does with her skilled talent. Thanks for having her for this event.


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