Iron Craft Season 2 Finale – Reveal Day 1

Hey everyone!

Welcome to reveal day 1 of Iron Craft! Today I announce the first of 4 guests for the finale.

Missed my finale announcement? You can go back and check it out here later. But in a nutshell, it will be a LIVE video event here on my blog on Sunday, September 14, 10:30 am PST.

Ready to see my first guest?



If you look through her blog first without reading her “About Me” page, you won’t believe she is 17 years old! She has oodles of talent and makes really good videos! She is on some great design teams too.

Laura has a fun and colorful style that I really love. Wanna see some samples of her creativity?

I’m so excited to have Laura as a guest for the live finale!

Got questions for her for the finale? Ask on this Facebook Event! If Laura picks your question to answer, you will win a $10 gift certificate to one of your favorite stores!

Thats apart from the giveaways today! There are 2 giveaways happening today to welcome Laura to Iron Craft!! This is also when I welcome Ellen Hutson and Pretty Pink Posh as sponsors for the Iron Craft finale!

Here are today’s 2 giveaways… a giveaway of sequins from Pretty Pink Posh and a $10 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson!


To win, just leave a comment here before 11:59 pm on September 13 and I’ll pick 2 lucky winners for the giveaways!

I hope to see you on Sunday!


  1. Keri

    Laura is an inspiration! At 41, I wish at 17 I had 1/10th of the talent and creativity she has at her age. She is also very fortunate to have parents who support her. Looking forward to the live finale! 🙂


  2. irene G.

    Ah, to be so young yet so talented! Her future looks bright!! I “discovered” Laura when several others I youtube participated in her celebratory vlog hop for achieving 1000 viewers. Wowza! Of course, I immediately subscribed to her channel. Yay for her inclusion!


  3. Stamptopy

    Wow!!! The first guest doesn’t disappoint! Love her work, in fact, these days I ham watching all the videos she has in her youtube channel, love to see how she has evolved and grown as a fabulous artist!!!! 😀


  4. ThePurplePlace

    I think Laura is amazing and has a great future in the craft world. I first met her through Jennifer McGuire and have seen her work also featured in Jennifer’s Online Card Classroom, as well as at Stampin’ Up!! I, too, was blown away when I learned, she was only 16 (at that time)…she’s awesome…so mature and so talented! Thanks for having her!!


  5. barb macaskill

    WOW! Laura is an amazingly talented young lady!! I am almost three times her age and wish I had half her talent!!! Congratulations Laura and I look forward to watching the finale!


  6. Marianne

    I haven’t got a clue (yet) as to what this Iron Craft challenge/finale is, but I’m thrilled for Laura that she made it to the finale. I have just read the news on her blog.


    1. Chaitali

      Hey Marianne! Looks like this is your first visit to my blog. Welcome!

      Iron Craft is a weekly feature on my blog where I interview crafting celebrities on video and we also craft together using the same ingredients. Its second season is concluding on Sunday with a big LIVE finale which is the event Laura is a guest for. there will also be 3 other guests who will be revealed in the coming days.

      Here is a link to “what is Iron Craft” –

      And here is a link to this season’s episodes – Did I cover your favorite crafter this time? 🙂

      Hope you will visit again for the finale on Sunday!


  7. Heather North

    Awesome to see Laura get a moment to shine in the Iron Craft finale. Here’s my question for her. “Where do you want your creative journey to take you? What goals do you have for your creative ventures?” Ok, so that’s 2 questions, but they really do go together.


  8. Eileen L.

    What cute cute cards Laura, wonderful talent you have. Chaitali looking forward to the live video, hope I get the time zone correct, Im central standard time, wouldnt want to miss it or be late.


  9. jintyoo7

    OH, so happy to see sweet and very talented Laura 😀
    I have followed Laura’s crafting since she was 14 so I am so very excited to see this wonderful artist in the spotlight – YAY for Laura!!!


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