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Hey everyone!

I’m here today for a fun and different type of post! Last week Vera tagged me in her Creative Bloghop post. So this week its my turn to continue the hop!

What is the Creative Bloghop?

It is a never-ending blog hop which takes place on Mondays. Each blogger answers four questions about themselves and afterwards they tag two to three other creative bloggers. Isn’t that fun? I hope we keep it going for years and years!!

Lets go on to my answers to the 4 questions, shall we?

What am I working on now?

If you follow my blog, you know that I am the creator and host of a fun series called Iron Craft. Season 2 of the series is just finishing up now. I am currently working on planning for the Finale of Season 2! This entire week is going to be busy on my blog with guest reveals and the finale on Sunday!

I am also working on finishing up some illustrations for Verve (yup I illustrate too!). the September release will be here before you know it!

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I define my style as Clean and Classy. You will see this reflected in my blog, my illustrations and ofcourse my cards! Here are a few of my recent cards in this style…


In blogging, I enjoy a lot of interactive blogposts which is why I created Iron Craft to “meet” some really talented crafters and introduce them to everyone in a whole different way! I love to organize some fun bloghops periodically too.

In illustrating, I like to bring something different in each stamp set I design. Every illustration of mine has a story behind it. Like this story for the Moments Remembered set below.


Why do I create what I do?

I love the challenge of creating something beautiful everytime I make it. I also love that with my blog, my cards and my illustrations; I can reach out to anyone anywhere in the world. this hobby has introduced me to some extraordinarily talented people. I have some very good friends all over the world now!

Nothing relaxes me more than creating a beautiful card after a day’s hard work. And nothing is more delightful than getting a comment, a like or a follower when I post my creation up here for everyone to see!

How does my creative process work?

I like to stay organized because I have limited crafting time. I plan out my blog posts at least a month in advance. For Iron Craft posts, since there is a lot of co-ordination work involved between me, my guest and the episode sponsor; I plan out episodes a couple of months in advance.

I also keep a little black book to write down and sketch ideas for cards. Usually I am creating with some constraints like using a particular stamp set or crafty item. I explained my creative process a bit more in depth in this post.

Nominating 3 other bloggers!

Now its my turn to nominate 3 other bloggers who will carry on the bloghop! I have 3 super talented fellow bloggers to introduce you to!

Thanh VoThanhVo

I first saw Thanh’s work when she joined the Sweet Stamp Shop DT. I was blown away! Still am! She has a very cool and colorful style that I think is adorable. And her blog posts are always lively with a good sprinkling of tips! Check out her blog and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

JuleeTilmanJulee Tilman

Julee is the owner of Verve. She is the best boss ever! Always patient and ready to listen to all my crazy ideas. Julee has been a great mentor to me and I’ve learnt a whole lot from her! She is a wonderfully talented crafter too!

JennyPetersonJenny Peterson

Jenny has mad coloring skills! When I first saw Jenny’s card, I couldn’t tell if the image was colored or printed! She works magic with colors! Oh and she has a fun and wicked sense of humor that comes out especially when asked for sentiment ideas 🙂

All these ladies will be carrying on the bloghop on their blogs next Monday. So do visit them and leave them some comment love!

Thanks for reading this!! If this is the first time you visited here, please drop by often; I always have something going on here!


  1. Thanh Vo

    So, so cool to see me being introduced this way, Chaitali! Thank you for making me feel like a rockstar. 🙂

    Fantastic blog hop – I love learning about new friends and what a way to get to you know you better, my friend! I hope we get to meet one day in person. ❤


  2. c

    Your interview of yourself is as engaging, delightful and informative as those you perform with your Iron Craft guest! It’s kind of like ‘watching’ you in the ‘hot seat’ – in words rather than video. Fabulous and fun!!


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