Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 20

Hey everyone!

So this is almost the last episode of Iron Craft Season 2. Almost but not quite! Because after this, we take a looong break and then come back for the FINALE!! Thats going to be exciting I promise!

Oh and have you played in the Iron Craft Challenge yet? Only a week more to go before it closes! Hurry up!!

So back to our episode! Lets go meet our guest!


My guest today is again someone I’m so glad said yes to the interview! She has an amazing style and can do some wonders with mixed media! From her blog I learnt about some most exciting products in crafting!

Lets welcome Jill Foster to the show today!!


I must thank Faber Castell and Jill a LOT for sponsoring the episode with such amazing ingredients! When we first decided to use gelatos, I told Jill I had none. She relayed that to FC and guess what?! Instead of one pack of gelatos, they sent me SO MANY! I think I have EVERY color now! Really generous and awesome indeed!


So here is what Jill and I created with them. I went a bit color crazy and made 3 cards instead of 1. But they were super easy to make and it was fun getting all inky!

I have one of my cards here today and the others will be in my post later this week. Here are the cards!



For the giveaway today, Faber Castell is sponsoring an awesome package! One lucky winner will get a humongous pack of gelatos similar to the one I got!!

To win, just leave a comment here answering Jill’s question and I’ll pick a lucky winner for the giveaway! Here is the question for you!

What music do you like to listen to?

Lets give Jill some suggestions everyone! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today! Keep visiting for the next 2 weeks as we race to the finale with lots of excitement!


  1. Eileen L.

    Wonderful video Chaitali, so much fun. Nice to meet you Jill, loved your energy. I do love the few gelatos I have and would love to win more. Your cards were both gorgeous.

    I love to listen to oldies music like the 70’s a lot but I also listen to various types of music depending on my mood and what Im doing.


  2. Rubeena

    Oh I love desi (South Asian) music! I listen to Pandora radio station and love ambient tracks when I’m crafting or even when reading. So relaxing! I listen to house music. Some artists I listen to include Sade, Jhene Aiko, Nadia Ali, Shakira, and Lifehouse. But mostly I listen to Indian and Pakistani tracks – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Soch the Band, Mustafa Zahid, Sunidhi Chauhan, Atif Aslam, K. K. are just a few. 🙂


  3. Patricia Stoneking

    I love to listen to my husband sing along to the oldies! I also enjoy listening to what my friends or family share as their favorites. Gordon Lightfoot is my personal favorite. Love “Rainy Day People”, especially. And talking of favorites…. Jill Foster is on my top list of Blogs along with Iron Craft to inspire me to keep learning and try new techniques! And loved PB and J! Thanks to you both! Pat


  4. Rubeena

    I just wanted to add that the interview was cute. 🙂 You’re both sweethearts. I bought one pack of gelatos last week and am still trying to figure out how to use them. All the colors look really neat. 🙂 Depending on my mood, I do listen to a lot of older desi music…love the ones from the 80’s and 90’s even though I was a child at the time, lol. 🙂


  5. Katherine Lock

    Love the cards and now have another method of coloring to check out (and buy)! I listen to country in the card for around tone and a playlist of classic rock for roads trips. Crafting I listen to audiobooks or classical and Enya.


  6. Bev

    Great interview and awesome giveaway. I only occasionally listen to music when I’m crafting but if I do it’s our local country music station. Generally I have a movie playing in the background when I’m crafting.


  7. susanscrap

    I love classical music! Also love to have a movie playing as long as it’s one I’ve already seen. Love gelatos! So many different things that you can use them with.


  8. Kailash

    I absolutely am thrilled that you interviewed Jill, one of my favorite designers. Her talent and creativity is simply amazing. Loved both your cards Chaitali.
    I love listening to indian movie music:-) and I also enjoy music from the 80’s and contemporary Christian songs:-)!!!


  9. judka

    Awesome interview, first of all. So nice to “meet” Jill Foster and to see her in her studio! When I listen to music while crafting it is either classical or my favorite CD of hymns!! What I learned I cannot do is listen to my lively Irish music CD .. it makes me get up and dance instead of crafting!!


  10. BarbGhig

    I really enjoyed meeting Jill today! Thanks so much for another fabulous interview, Chaitali!!!
    I love how you played with your Gelatos on your card, too! The ombre effect is so pretty and looks great in all the colors you chose!
    As a ‘Leftover Hippie’, I like to listen to the folk/rock music of the late 60’s and early 70’s, like James Taylor, Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, Simon & Garfunkel…any of those guys! Thanks so much for a chance to win!


  11. Maureen Hayes

    Oh my gosh, I was SO excited to see Jill interviewed! She is the reason I started to craft and make cards! A few years ago I was very ill and couldn’t get out of bed. I started to see Jill’s videos for Penny black and eventually found her old blog and videos. I have learned a ton from her about coloring, mixed media and card making! She is super talented and a wonderful person as well. Thank you for having her as a guest on Iron Craft!

    I mainly listen to audiobooks when I craft, but I also love to listen to country music, 80’s music and show tunes! I hope that helps someone. Thanks for the chance to win the yummy Gelatos, they would be tons of fun to craft with 🙂


  12. Vicki Smith

    Both of you ladies are very sweet and the cards looked pretty amazing! When I’m crafting I always listen to music and the majority of the time I listen to contemporary Christian music and I also love Il Divo and Michael Buble’. I only have three gelatos and would LOVE to win some more – thank you for this amazing opportunity.


  13. jeannejj13

    wonderful interview. it was fun getting to know both of you. I love any music…broadway, pop, oldies, swing, jazz…..just love music….


  14. irene G.

    I love Jill and her fabulous artistry. Her PB&J videos are my favorite.

    So music…I like so many different artists and genres, but I find myself gravitating to singer/songwriters that don’t get much radio play. Some favorites are Jonatha Brooke, Patty Griffin, Eddi Reader, Josh Kelley, and Marc Broussard.


  15. Lu C

    What a great interview!! I have a playlist on my computer that has a complete mix of music, from classical to old country, (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson) and newer country, along with 50’s & 60’s rock and roll and some musical soundtracks. I put it on ‘random’ so it is different every time I have it on. Love singing along as I create!
    Lu C


  16. Judy

    I love Jill’s work and enjoyed the interview! I love all kinds of music but my favorite and what I listen to while crafting is classical music.


  17. Stamptopy

    I love listening to music every day, but I think that te one that gives me more energy and love listening while I am crafting is Alicia Keys. Love all her songs and how they make me feel, so happy and full of energy!!! Love them!!!


  18. Sue McRae

    Great interview with the uber talented Jill! I love her style and that she has helped to bring artist supplies into the cardmaking world. I like listening to 70’s, 80’s and ’90’s music when crafting and occasionally I’ve been known to sing along 🙂


  19. Cynthia Xavier

    It depends on what I am doing. If I am cleaning the house -hip hop and rock and roll, sort of loud; if I am reading and relaxing I like to listen to classical music; if I am crafting I like to list the popular radio stations in my area that play the top hits.


  20. shartl

    Wow Chaitali, your cards are so beautiful!! I have been seeing a lot of projects that use Gelatos but have not tried them myself yet. Winning them would be such a kick, and a chance to try my hand at these techniques too. My favorite type of music to listen to would be country pop. Something about those lovelorn lyrics and ballads always get to me..haha! Thanks for the chance to win!


  21. karenladd

    Thank you for your fun and interesting interviews with some of our favorite designers and crafters! I have been wanting to try Gelatos forever but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Your cards are beautiful and inspiring as always Chaitali! As for music, I usually craft in silence, but when I do listen to music I like contemporary pop and the occasional country tune!


  22. beaumama

    I am so glad you interview Jill. Her skill at blending and mixing color is awesome. Every card she produces is incredible. As far as music is concerned, I’m fairly eclectic, but mostly I listen to soft rock when I’m crafting.


  23. jeanmanis

    Love getting to see Jill in front of the camera! Her sense of color is always inspirational. Her cards are fantastic! When I’m crafting, I need silence. 🙂 When I’m driving I scan around the dial listening to classical, rock and country. I have an eclectic taste in music.


  24. JanLM

    I love listening to music from the 70’s. Great rock and soft rock era in which I grew up! Great cards ladies! I am now informed on Gesso! Thank you for that. I’ve never seen Gelatos in real life, but they sure look pretty! Thanks for the chance.


  25. karen q

    It was a great interview, I love being able to put a voice to all of the talented people you interview. Jill is by far one of the most creative people I have seen. I like soft music when I create so it is usually Classical. I love, love George Winston. He is a pianist that is under the Windham Hill label. I love their music. Thanks to Faber Castell for the giveaway. I have never used Gelato’s s, but they sure do sound like fun.


  26. c

    Super excellent interview with Jill! WOW – incredible talent, delightful personality, and immense creativity! I’ve just subscribed to the blog she shares with Elizabeth; mixed media is calling to me, and these two have things dialed in wonderfully! You, Chaitali, have brought in such amazing designers, and between their cards and yours, my ‘wish’ and ‘musty try’ lists have become novel-length! Confession-time: no Penny Black in my collection (no scrapbook stores any where close), so I’ll be contacting Jill for ideas/suggestions. Hope she doesn’t mind! Music-wise: “A little bit country, a little bit rock n’roll”…that’s me! Gelatos look awesome! Distress inks and I are on a much-needed separation for a while *grin*, so I’m open to ‘new’ relationships…


  27. highflo7

    Oh my goodness what a great interview! It was so nice to see Jill’s smiling face. I just love set artistic style and gorgeous talent; such an inspiration. You ladies created such beautiful cards….love them.
    My music taste is all over the place and runs from classical to pop music and everything in between. My music selection often reflective of my mood.


  28. Mary-Anne V.

    Fun interview! Lovely cards…never used Gelatos but looks like a tonne of fun! When I craft I do not tend to listen to music…my room is shared and it overlooks the family room. But when I do listen its a combo of 80s,90s, Christian and currently playing on the radio…as you can tell I’m all over the place.


  29. Pat McCleary

    So nice to meet Jill in this fun interview. I’m not familiar with gelatos- cool to see such varied results using them. Golden oldies, as in 50s & 60s, that you could sing along with or dance to. Thanks Chaitali for the fun & a chance to win.


  30. Denise Bryant

    Beautiful cards today… can’t wait to see your other two!
    I listen to an eclectic mix of music. Right now I am hooked on listening to an oldies station on the radio… plays all 60’s music! Lovin’ Spoonful, Beatles, Dave Clark 5, Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits… love it all!


  31. Teresa

    Another great video interview. You have awesome guests. Really liked all the cards. I mostly listen to pop radio. Thanks for the great interviews.


  32. KatieP

    I am more of a TV watcher when I craft, but my music would be Contemporary Christian. Great interview. Have LOVED Jill since the moment I discovered her. She is an AMAZING teacher.


  33. MZahra

    Ummm. Whatever I’m in the mood to listen to. And my moods change throughout the day. Like right now I’m listening to my fav artist from Mali because I’m feeling nostalgic (this album came out when I was 20)… and when I’m driving I want something upbeat, when I wake up I listen to this album that’s Hindu/Buddhism based… sometimes I listen to Catholic Latin chanting, then there’s Deuter, and I listen to techno when I work out. I’m all over the place with my music lol


  34. Vithya

    Nice! Have fun with the gelatos 🙂 Love the ombre effect. And Jill’s card is fantastic too!

    I have a doubt. Do the gelatos work a bit like watercolor??

    Right now, I’m mostly listening to devotional songs. I want my baby to hear them in my womb 🙂 I do occasionally enjoy A.R. Rehman and other tamil songs.


  35. Kristen V

    I’m not much of a music listener, I like videos. But if I had to pick someone, I like Pink and Cher. The gelatos are a wonderful giveaway and I would like to try them one day.


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