Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 20

Hey everyone!

So this is almost the last episode of Iron Craft Season 2. Almost but not quite! Because after this, we take a looong break and then come back for the FINALE!! Thats going to be exciting I promise!

Oh and have you played in the Iron Craft Challenge yet? Only a week more to go before it closes! Hurry up!!

So back to our episode! Lets go meet our guest!


My guest today is again someone I’m so glad said yes to the interview! She has an amazing style and can do some wonders with mixed media! From her blog I learnt about some most exciting products in crafting!

Lets welcome Jill Foster to the show today!!


I must thank Faber Castell and Jill a LOT for sponsoring the episode with such amazing ingredients! When we first decided to use gelatos, I told Jill I had none. She relayed that to FC and guess what?! Instead of one pack of gelatos, they sent me SO MANY! I think I have EVERY color now! Really generous and awesome indeed!


So here is what Jill and I created with them. I went a bit color crazy and made 3 cards instead of 1. But they were super easy to make and it was fun getting all inky!

I have one of my cards here today and the others will be in my post later this week. Here are the cards!



For the giveaway today, Faber Castell is sponsoring an awesome package! One lucky winner will get a humongous pack of gelatos similar to the one I got!!

To win, just leave a comment here answering Jill’s question and I’ll pick a lucky winner for the giveaway! Here is the question for you!

What music do you like to listen to?

Lets give Jill some suggestions everyone! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today! Keep visiting for the next 2 weeks as we race to the finale with lots of excitement!


  1. trishreddick

    Jill,you are great as a Princess in your craft room! this was a fun episode, Chaitali! i love to listen to upbeat Pop, my new favorite is “Rude”! Thanks for another fun time with Iron Craft!


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