Tomatoes, Carrots and Enamel dots!

Hey everyone!

Summertime is a busy time around our house. Vamsi and I love to grow our own veggiesbut the growing season is just a few months of summer in Seattle. So we get busy from April!

This year was the first year we had a yard and could put up larger vegetable boxes for growing our produce. Yesterday was the first harvest day 🙂 We picked a couple of ripe tomatoes and all of our carrots. Look at these beauties!



There was another thing I accomplished this weekend. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen I was busy this weekend baking Enamel Dots! Yup the DIY Enamel Dots I spoke about in this post earlier!

I was on a roll and made a LOT of dots! More than I can use on cards for atleast a few months! So… I’m giving some away today!!

The Perler beads come in a variety of colors so I put together some color combinations and gave them cute names 🙂 I have one packet of each combo to give away! Each packet has 30 enamel dots, 10 of each color in the combo.

If you’d like to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment saying which combo you like. First 8 folks to comment will win one of these. I’ll try to send you your pick.

US friends only pleaseThese are too small to justify the cost of international shipping. Sorry international friends 😦

Here are the 8 combos I have. Click here to see a larger pic.


I’m going to bake these dots frequently now on so please so leave a comment if you like a combo! I’ll keep everyone who comments on my list for future 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Hussena

    I have been seeing a lot of these DIY enamel dots on Pinterest but ofcourse since I stay in India, I am not able to get hold of these perler beads to make it myself. 😦
    I really like the Floral vibes, Peaceful glow and the Shorline pops combination. Those are so my kind of colours.

    P/s : I do have a U.s postal addy where I get all my international packages shipped. So, if you considering it, would love to put my name in the draw. 🙂


  2. c

    Oh, I’m loving that you have a garden – and your tomato and carrot photos have me yearning for a garden of my own! Fresh veggies are the best! I don’t qualify for your sweet give-away, as I live in Canada, but first: how thoughtful of you to share your “enamel dot” harvest, and second, if I were eligible, I’d choose…fall couture. Perfect combo to add for the Halloween cards/count-down calendar I have in mind for my niece and nephew! You’re such a gem, Chaitali!


    1. Chaitali

      Carol, send me your address. Not counting you in this batch but I’ll look up shipping to Canada and if its reasonable, will send you some dots in the next batch 🙂


  3. Aliya

    Hello Chitali,
    I have been meaning to write you when I melt my perler beads. I haven’t done so yet but when I do I will send you pictures. Your names are great but Shoreline pops is my favorite.


  4. susannev2014

    I would have picked the shoreline pops but I guess I am too late for that! I really like them all so why don’t I let you pick! Thanks for sharing!
    The veggies look yummy!


    1. Chaitali

      Shoreline Pops is gone 😦 Since you said any is ok, would you be ok with Bold & Beautiful? If yes, please email me your address from the contact form above.


  5. bethholt4

    I have made some of these and they work out great! I only have a limited amount of colors right now. Would love to win a pack of the shades of gray. Maybe I could send you some of my colors in return:)


  6. Therese Emanuel

    We have something in common, we both have a veggie garden. Love your pictures and get ready with some good recipes. I think you are so generous for a giveaway of enamel dots. I like all the combos, but Shoreline Pops caught my eye 1st. I’m not sure from the pictures but you could add silver and gold.


  7. Monika/buzsy

    These look fantastic… I was thinking about making these when I first read about them… but then I read very mixed reviews… half said that it didn’t work for them… I was also concerned about the fumes… any thoughts on that?


  8. Eileen L.

    Nice tomatoe and carrot Chaitali. I would love some of those pretty dots the Floral would be my first choice, then Peaceful Glove and third Summer Sorbet.


  9. Pat McCleary

    We always have a garden& I can beans, beets, carrots & tomatoes. Nothing like a garden-fresh tomato. After reading your DIY post, I bought some perler beads & tried it. Pretty cool, but I found that red, white, black & grey didn’t do as well. They did melt down but the tiny hole in the center was still there. Any suggestions.? Love your peaceful glow assortment.


    1. Chaitali

      Hey Pat! For the tiny dimple try and keep it in the oven just a few minutes more. All ovens and beads will vary so 20 mins doesn’t always work. I think a few minutes more till the dimple is gone will do the trick nicely for you.


  10. Mary Laffin

    I remembered you telling us about these and went to Michael’s the other day. But everything I saw said either glass or plastic. I didn’t see anything that said Perler–any suggestions?


      1. Mary Laffin

        Thanks for the info. Now that I see what they are and know they are for kids–i will try again and look in the kids section instead of the jewelry section.


      2. Chaitali

        Yup good point! They’d be in the kids section, not jewelry. I’m going to Michaels tomorrow probably. Will look for you and report back.


      3. Mary Laffin

        so now that I’ve had a few minutes to think about this, I’m wondering if you just lay these on the side to bake them or try to stand them up–or if it even makes a difference.


      4. Chaitali

        I always put them straight up so they melt in a puddle and form the dot. Haven’t tried laying on their side. I was concerned they might roll around in the tray on their side and won’t form good dots. If you do give it a try, let me know how it goes!


  11. Maureen Hayes

    I know I am too late for this round, but if you would put me on your list for the future I would be Soooo grateful. I am not able to make these (the fumes cause me problems with health) and I would love to have some. My Favorite combo is Shoreline Pops, followed by peaceful glove! floral vibes and shades of grey. Thank you so much.

    I love your veggie garden, I wish I had a space to grow some tomatoes, and those carrots look yummy as well. Enjoy them!


  12. Vithya

    Great to see homegrown veggies! 🙂 We have a rooftop mini garden too!

    And the enamel dots have come out awesome! I’ve got to get my bro pick some up for me next time he visits India.

    My favourites are the Prettty in Plaid and Shoreline Pops.


  13. BarbGhig

    Sure wish I had seen this post sooner! You are so clever, Chaitali! Only to be out-done by your generosity! I love all the fun names you gave to the different color sets, and my fave is Shoreline Pops! My lesson is to stop by more often, right?
    Have a great week!


  14. chitramenon08

    I have been trying to bake some enamel dots for so many times but never got success, they all either get flat all the way or get burnt…
    Love them all, yours turned out beautiful… Love the shoreline pops and summer sorbet…


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