Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 18

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Iron Craft (again!) 🙂


Today my guest is someone whose crafty accomplishments I absolutely adore! Want a hint? Ok! She is a Go-To Gal!!

Lets welcome Kim Kesti to Iron Craft folks!! Here is the interview! Enjoy 🙂


Our ingredient today was sponsored by Paper Smooches! Its one of my favorite companies and Kim is on the DT! So perfect!!

The set we played with is Crystal Clear. Isn’t it a fun set?!


Here is what Kim and I created! My card on the left and Kim’s on the right.



The episode is no fun without a giveaway ofcourse! And today Paper Smooches is sponsoring the giveaway. Thanks PS!!

One lucky winner will get a $25 gift certificate to Paper Smooches! Good for a fun shopping spree!

To win, just leave a comment here answering Kim’s question and I’ll pick a lucky winner for the giveaway! Here is the question for you!

What is the oldest papercrafting product you have in your stash?

Lets see what all we crafters hoard! 🙂


  1. Kailash

    Oh these are the cutest cards. Love paper smooches sweet images. I have to say the oldest paper crafting product I have are the tiny brads which hardly see the light of day. I really should love them more LOL!!!


  2. Patricia Stoneking

    Love these interviews on Iron Craft! My oldest paper crafting items are wooden stamps I used as a teacher. I have a little collection that I still love & now use for card making. The stamps were used to decorate student’s work & it was more economical to stamp a student’s paper than put stickers on their work. Pat


  3. micheleclay

    Two pretty cards! I’d love to have more Paper Smooches! I have pearl embellishments from when I first started…only 1 1/2 yrs ago.


  4. Miriam Prantner

    Great cards! My oldest stuff would definitely be some Creative Memories things, I think I still have a pack of colored cardstock I’ve been hoarding. I really love their colors.


  5. Eileen L.

    Great video as always Chaitali. Both cards are very pretty. The stamps are adorable.
    As for the question, geez Im so new only two years collecting so I guess I would have to say paper.


  6. snazzy jj

    My oldest things would be my “real” scrapbooks from the 1960’s which only have memorabilia in them (back then photo went in albums). Great video.


  7. andrenesmith

    Great episode and loved both of the cards! Paper Smooches makes such adorable stamp sets! My oldest craft item that I still have is stickers.


  8. sharrilou

    That would have to be lots of old CM stickers. I kept them thinking my grandchildren would enjoy using them, but even they think these stickers are lame.


  9. Vicki Smith

    Love Paper Smooches and your cards turned out great. My oldest craft item has to be my stickers that I still have organized in binders made for stickers. Used to love stickers but now my obsession is clear stamps…


  10. Sue McRae

    Another great interview and fabulous projects! My oldest items are a set of Christmas rubber stamps (that are mounted on foam, eek). I used them to decorate paper for gift wrap.


  11. Maureen Hayes

    Congrats on being published Chai, that is so exciting and well deserved! This was another fun episode and I am embarrassed to admit that I still have the items from my Creative Memories kit that I purchased back in 1998 or 1999. I even still have some of the paper! I also have the corner rounder, the small guillotine cutter, the circle cutters, and lots of other items! I really don’t ever scrapbook anymore, but I still use the items in my card making and mixed media projects! Thanks to Paper Smooches for the chance to win and to Chai and Kim for another enjoyable episode! Kept them coming. . .


  12. bethholt4

    Another great episode! I love being able to learn the names and faces of influential individuals in the paper crafting community. I believe that I have some stamps from 1998.


  13. Deborah

    I think decorative edge scissors would be one of my oldest papercrafting supplies! Makes me smile just to think of them…


  14. BarbGhig

    Great interview, Chaitali! I really enjoyed getting to know Kim!
    My oldest paper crafting item is a package of Karen Foster ‘Metal embellishments’. Still sealed in the package, and don’t know when I’ll ever use them, but I’m not giving them away either!!!


  15. Mary-Anne V.

    Love Kim’s style so it was fun seeing her today. I seem to have too many old stuff…cardstock/ patterned paper and letter stickers would be my oldest stuff.


  16. Judy

    I enjoyed the interview and tour of Kim’s craft room! The oldest paper crafting product is my first Hero Arts stamp set from 2000.


  17. Lisa Tatem

    Thanks for making another fun episode. 🙂 I still have the first Fiskars paper trimmer that I bought when introduced to card making almost 20 years ago….plus a couple more newer ones! 😉


  18. Ann

    The stamp that started my obsession is a PSX watering can that is dated 1997. The sticker says the price was $5.90. Loved the interview!


  19. Pat McCleary

    This was a great episode. I’ve seen Kim’s work mainly in Paper Craft magazine, which I’ve read for several years. And I’m one of those who have trouble adjusting to the digital format. Great cards today; I’m a home canner, so have tons of those Ball jars, full & empty. I still have several Marvy ink pads that I got when I first started & they still work, after more than 10 years. Thanks for this interview & a chance to win P.S.


  20. karenladd

    Ooh, I am a Paper Smooches fan from way back and I just love Kim! What fun to learn more about my favorite stamp and card designers!!! The oldest product I have in my stash is probably some really awful printed paper that came in a booklet. The colors are garish and the patterns are just impossible!!! But can I get rid of it? No, I cannnot…haha!


  21. shartl

    Always love the interviews, especially when you feature one of my favorite people!! Both cards are just adorable, as Paper Smooches always are!! The oldest supply that I have are some old Mrs. Grossman’s stickers. The plain flat kind with the primary colors! I try to have my daughter use them whenever possible but I still manage to use some of the border styles every so often.


  22. KatieP

    I’m sure that I have some things that are older than this but I have some older(much) stamps from smaller companies that I am not sure even exist anymore. I have some old stamps that I occasionally will pull out.
    Congrats on being published. Great interview.


  23. Shona Chambers

    Fabulous interview as always and so good getting to know these wonderful designers. I came across some Japanese origami paper the other day that I purchased about 7 yrs ago when I did a little bit of crafting. I still don’t know what to do with it but don’t want to get rid of it just incase….am I a ‘crafting hoarder’?????


  24. Patti T. from Gainesville, FL

    Great interview once again! Both cards are wonderful, but I would have to say that yours, Chaitali, is unpredictable, and therefore, probably my favorite of the two. The oldest craft product I own are some combs that my grandmother used to comb the wool after it was shirred from the sheep. I have no idea how old the combs are, but my grandmother was born in 1907, and she had told me she used them as a child. I do not use the combs, of course, but I do treasure them!


  25. Therese Emanuel

    Thanks so much for the great episode. I loved seeing Kim’s craft room. I agree that clutter is distracting and slows down inspiration. The oldest craft item that I still have is my Creative Memories paper and stickers. I love the cards you both made.


  26. Michele F.

    Love meeting all these people I feel we know only by their cards, and style. Awesome interview, Kim and Chaitali! The oldest stamp I have is wood mounted rubber of a pencil scribbled cat… I bought it in 1997!! In fact, I recently found, and used it on a birthday card! Kim – I am youngest of nine children!! My mom was a super-mom, too!


  27. Anja

    Another great interview, Chaitali!
    Although I’m not really sure what my oldest papercrafting product is, I do have a sentiment wood stamp which I’ve used for our Wedding Invitations back in 2005.


  28. Kristen V

    Probably some decorative paper pieces, cutting templates, and a couple of empty 12×12 albums from Creative Memories.


  29. mysweet6

    In the late 90’s I went to a scrapbook class where we had plastic templates that we actually had to trace around and cut out mats. I still have them, though now I would just use either cuttlebug dies or my Cricut.


  30. cmaynec

    Kim is so full of energy, and well she should be with such abundant creativity and eight children to keep her hopping! Talk about inspiring! As always, Chaitail, a most amazing, enlightening interview. My oldest items: a smile face stamp I used a zillion years ago when I was a teacher. And I still have it!! Too funny….


  31. marnienashMarnie

    I have wooden Mickey Mouse stamps from rubber stampede I bought in the late 80’s !!! I also have my original stickers magazine’s that I then subscribed to the mrs Grossmans sticker clubs !! . I have always loved stickers, stamps and markers


  32. Ruth G

    I love both the cards! So totally fun to see such wonderful creations from the same stamp set!
    My oldest product is some old Stampin’ Up! ink pads my sister (a Stampin’ Up! demo) gave to me when they changed the format for the pads to make them flip so that the pads would store upside down. She needed to use the new style pads to show them off at her classes and gave the old ones to me. I have used them for a very long time and they still work great!
    Thanks so much for all you’ve shared today! I enjoy watching the interviews and learning so much more about my favorite crafters!


  33. Amy

    Oh man…I have a jar full of little brads and eyelets in a rainbow of colors… I think I even have the little hammer tool that you used to put it on the card….And I never use any of it!!! Now I am going to challenge myself to make a card with these little doohickey’s on it!!!


  34. Jannette

    Beautiful cards girls! Love Kim cards !!! My oldest piece of sb product can be like 3 decorative scissors that I kept from a larger set, that I bought in Michaels when I first discover scrapbooking products!!!! I was looking at them about 2 days ago and thought to donate them to the school. But I still have them!!!!


  35. Debbie A.

    My first purchase was a stamp set and I still have all of my stamps, so the answer is definitely a rubber stamp set!


  36. Laurie

    Over 20 years ago, I attended a Creative Memories party and bought pens that still work, though I have had to throw out a couple of the most used colors. I still have my original stamp sets from Stampin Up! too, and use them! But I have a hot pink wax stick and a stamp with my initial on it to seal envelopes from when I was a teenager! 🙂 Always brings me fond memories when I run into it in my desk drawer.


  37. Denise Bryant

    I started out stamping when my daughter was in preschool and she is now 31! So my oldest stamps and supplies are about 27 years old! I bought some stamps from a now-defunct company that my friend, Mary Salas, introduced me to called ANT Transfer. I still have the Siamese cat face I got from them…. one of my favorites!
    Love the cards with that fun Paper Smooches set!


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