Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 17

Hey everyone!

Time for another Iron Craft episode! Ready to watch it? Lets go!


Today I have a veteran of the papercrafting industry! It was so much fun to talk with her and learn how papercrafting has evolved over the years. We also chatted about her style, her lovely new grand-baby and I got to meet a surprise guest!

Say hello to Shari Carroll for today’s episode! Sit back and enjoy! 🙂


Shari and I used a gorgeous background stamp from one of the Hero Arts new collections –  The Spice Market line! Isn’t it just a beautiful background?


Here is what we made! My card is on the left and Shari’s on the right.



And now for the giveaway! Today, Hero Arts is sponsoring the giveaway!

One lucky winner will get any in-stock cling background stamp of their choice from Hero Arts! Super prize!

To win, just leave a comment here answering Shari’s question and I’ll pick a lucky winner for the giveaway! Here is the question for you!

What year did you start stamping in?

Easy peasy right? Shari got us started with her answer – 1989 (wow!) I’ll add to the list. Mine was 2010 (just a drinking age away from Shari’s!). Tell us yours!


  1. Kimberly E.

    Oh I love Shari!! So glad you chose her for an interview!! I love her cards and her art journal pages. Lovely job on both of your cards. I am a total newbie… Just started in 2013. My daughter graduated, got married and I needed a hobby. I am loving it!! Thanks for the opportunity.


  2. Laura

    I think I started to stamp in 2003 or 2002. Shari has being a source of inspiration since that. I love the cards you both did today! Thanks!


  3. KatieP

    I started in the mid to late 1980’s. Questions for Shari….has the baby come and what is the story behind the tattoo on her left wrist. Great cards, both of you. Thanks for sharing these great interviews with us.


  4. Chiyo smith

    I got my first alphabet set when I was 12 in 1962 but got in to stamping in 1982 when a friend shared a paper catalog from Stampendous. I was hooked! Opened a candy making shop in 1984 and I also sold stamping supplies from Hero Arts, Inkadinkadoo, Stampendous, taught classes. Fran designed my business stamps with red rubber which still works.


  5. Denise Bryant

    I started stamping in 1986, when my daughter was in preschool! Thought it would be fun to make special party invitations, etc for her!
    Two great cards with that pretty Hero Arts stamp!


  6. Angie

    I started out in 2006 and have never looked back. Like so many it started as a little hobby on the dining room table and I now have a little room of stash to play with. Thanks for the interview, really enjoyed listening to Shari.


  7. halomom

    I think I starting stamping around 1998 or 1999. I remember having a scrapbook party with a bunch of my friends, and one of them was a stamper. She showed me how she used her stamps in her scrapbooks. After that, I was hooked!


  8. donna mikasa

    Love the interview, love both of your cards!
    I started stamping cards in 2008, and it all started with Hero Arts stamps!


  9. pwhalersfan

    I started stamping in 2003. I was making a scrapbook for my parent’s 50th anniversary…when I walked into a papercrafting store and saw the possibilities…I was hooked!


  10. Shona Chambers

    Seems a long time ago but started just before Xmas last year (2013). Didn’t think I would stamp very often but now I hardly use DP at all!! I’m a stamping addict and a huge fan of Shari, so loved the interview alot.


  11. Minerva

    Great interview – loved both your cards! I started stamping in 1997. I still have my first stamp too (holiday)! I was even fortunate enough to tour the Hero Arts factory in Emeryville way back then and see how their stamps were made!


  12. Jan crissman

    Love how your cards are both very clever but very different uses of this stamp.
    Started stamping 25 plus years ago. Visited craft show on university lawn where
    I graduated. A gal was selling these simple rubber designs. Had to ask …
    What do you do with these… That was it… I was hooked. Belong to 2 stamp
    groups with one over 15 years old… My mom stamped with me years ago
    and now my grand daughters and their friends. What joy….


  13. c

    Another fabulous interview – and as a full-fledged Shari fan – extra awesome! Again, Chaitali, your interviewing skills are marvelous, drawing out precisely the details and conversations we crafters so enjoy hearing! Chester’s cameo appearances: too cute, and such a unique ‘pet’ for a unique individual. Just makes mathematical sense! My crafting journey (as you can tell by my cards: much, much, much more practice required), started in May of 2012. Only two years, but oh, the passion…


  14. creativemidlander

    I started stamping when I retired from teaching in 2007. I really enjoyed watching and listening to your interview with Shari. Gorgeous cards!


  15. Felicia Young

    Wow for me it has been since 1992 when my son had his first birthday party and I made invitations for the first time!


  16. Carol Mc

    I played with stamps as a child. But it didn’t become a serious habit for me until 2012.
    Loved the interview. Shari is such a nice person. I took some classes from her a couple years ago @ Buffalo Stamps & Stuff. We made cards and a gorgeous canvas.
    Great cards from the two of you.


  17. Linda W. (ScrappinBari)

    I so enjoyed your interview with Shari, Chaitali! And what beautiful cards you both created! I loved Shari’s colorful card and your black & white inchies. What year did I start stamping? I started stamping in 2000 while scrapbooking. However, I became a fledgling card maker in 2007 using Hero Arts stamps!! And had the chance to take some classes with the amazing Shari! What a talented artist and such an inspiration to an amateur like me!! Thanks again for the interview and the chance to win – thanks Hero Arts for offering the prize!


  18. Linda N.

    It was great learning more about Shari, and seeing more of her than just her hands! Love her cards. I just started stamping last year – 2013. 🙂


  19. luraanne

    Well Shari has me beat – I started in 1994 when I retired from 30 + years of work in the insurance business. I needed something to keep me from vegetating in the house and stamping filled the bill with classes where I could meet other people. Meeting so many wonderful people was an unexpected advantage. Enjoyed your video interview and the cards (so different) that you came up with using the same stamp.


  20. Deborah S

    I love Shari so I’m glad she was able to take the time out of her busy day to do this interview I like both of your cards I was just commenting the other day how you can give several stampers the same supplies and how different each project will look! I have always loved crafting especially paper crating I was always making home made cards for family members and friends. I started stamping around the same time as Shari but living in AZ supplies were limited and I just was not getting the look I wanted then in 1998 I was invited to a Stampin Up party and I heard the angels singing lol I mean come on paper, ink, and markers that all matched wow! For a long time here in AZ that was it little by little a few stamp stores popped up but nothing to write home about lol. Thank goodness all these great on line companies started showing up and now we have so many choices. We are also lucky for all the wonderful blogs and how kind and sharing the stamping community is I’m proud to be a paper crafter!


  21. Teresa

    Great interview! Beautiful cards from both of you. I started stamping in the early 90s. Probably 92 or 92. Yes, I remembered “embossing” was the biggest thing when I first made cards.


  22. Julie

    Good gracious I can’t remember what year I started stamping…
    For sure in the 90’s! Wow, I still have most of my original stamps.
    My stamping style has changed, when I started I looked for images
    now I am stamping words. Hmm good times… Thanks for asking:)


  23. Brenda

    I love both of your cards – especially since they are so different from each other but use the same stamp!! I just started stamping in 2012 so I’m a newbie to stamping. 🙂


  24. lolyborda43

    Lovely interview! It’s so nice to get to know our favorite crafters a little better, I love Shari’s designs and her color features at SSS blog is my favorite! I started stamping in 2011, when a lady from my embroiderer’s group invite me to a Stampin’ Up class.


  25. maureenchandler

    I love seeing what you both did with the same stamp – so much fun and talent! I started stamping about 1998 with borrowed supplies. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this craft – however, it is true love and I stamp almost every day! I have always worked with my hands and knit, crochet, weave baskets, do calligraphy, counted cross stitch, etc. Stamping has taken over though and I love it! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!


  26. Kristen V

    Thanks Shari! I started card making two years ago and scrapbooking fifteen years ago. My daughters daycare teacher sold Creative Memories and I still have a tub full of stuff from there.


  27. nkmac

    2005 for me…again Stampin up was the trigger and from there it has been “katie bar the door”!!!! Very nice interview…I found it from Shari’s blog and now I have found you!!!


  28. Pat McCleary

    This was a terrific episode with Shari. I think the first video I ever saw was one of hers. I think I started around 1999- a coworker had gone to a D.O.T.S. demo in Chicago & came home & showed us. Now it’s my main hobby/ past time/ outlet. Thanks for the fun & the chance to win. And how cool that you both used such colorful backgrounds for your cards.


  29. susannev2014

    Thanks for the fun interview! Both cards are awesome.
    I can’t remember when I bought my first stamp because then I used them to decorate my letters. That was probably early 80s. In 1991 I discovered heat embossing and was mesmerized.


  30. karenladd

    Wow, these cards are so beautiful!! Love how you got such different looks from the same stamp! I started stamping about 15 years ago when I attended a Stampin Up party at my friends house. I was hooked immediately!


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