Iron Craft Challenge Week

Hey Folks!

Here looking for this week’s Iron Craft episode? This is our third break week for Iron Craft Season 2!

As before, I will be picking 3 favorite winners for the challenge and giving each one a $20 gift certificate to so they can spread some love and niceness! See this post explaining why this prize!

If you are new to break week, every 5 episodes of Iron Craft we’ll take a break week to re-orient ourselves, plan the next episodes and do something different! BUT that doesn’t mean it will be all dull and gloomy here! No Sir! Instead we’ll spend the week on challenges inspired by YOU!

Yeah! Remember all the questions my guests asked you? And all the fabulous answers you gave? And the fun discussions we had? Yup, they are all coming right back at you as inspirations for challenges!!!

Here is what you need to know:

  1. For each of the past 5 episodes of Iron Craft I have put together an inspiration photo based on your answers to that week’s question. I have explained the photos a bit as well!
  2. You can pick one or more of the inspiration photos to make your crafty item (card, tag, scrapbook page, anything!) for this challenge but you must pick at least 1 photo for inspiration.
  3. Upload your creation to the web (blog, Flickr, Splitcoast gallery, anywhere else) and make sure to mention which inspiration photos you chose.
  4. Link up your creation in the linky below this post!
  5. You have until the next break week to add in your creations. Thats till August 25, 11.59 PM PST

So now that the rules are out of the way, lets see the inspirations, shall we? The one little difference from the previous 2 challenges is that I have a single photo for each of the past 5 episodes this time, instead of a collage. Hope they inspire you all to play!

Inspiration 1 : Favorite TV Shows for Chari and Jen

This time we had 2 Iron Crafters ask you what your favorite TV shows were. Chari asked in her episode and Jen asked in hers as well! The answers were all kinds of awesome from Sherlock to House of Cards to Friends to Big Bang Theory! I could go on and on!

But one show that showed up the most was Game of Thrones! So I went a hunting for a Game of Thrones inspiration and came upon this gorgeous cake! Thats your inspiration pic!


Inspiration 2 : Favorite Embellishment for Virginia

Virginia asked you all what your favorite embellishment was. There were a variety of answers here, from wood veneer to pearls and also ribbons and twine. But there was one loud and clear winner! SEQUINS!

So ofcourse our inspiration will be a sequins card! From none other than the sequin queen herself – Paulina of Pretty Pink Posh!


Inspiration 3 : Muses for Iwona

Iwona had a fun question for you all. I’m sure she read everyone’s comments! She asked for muse recommendations for the CASE Study Challenge!

I’m glad a lot of the names called have been or will soon be Iron Crafters 🙂 There was one name though that I saw almost on every other comment! Debby Hughes!!

While I hope she is a muse on CASE Study soon, our inspiration here is a gorgeous card by Debby ofcourse! Use this as a mini-muse-challenge and play along, won’t you?


Inspiration 4 : Altenew Suggestions for Tasnim

This was a double feature week with the amazing Jen and Tasnim from Altenew! We already covered Jen’s question in TV Shows inspiration above. Time to cover Tasnim’s!

Tasnim asked you all what you would like to see from Altenew in future! Thanks for such an enthusiastic survey response ladies!! The 2 clear winners in suggestions were floral sets and cityscapes! I’m sure Tasnim is taking notes as we speak 🙂

I thought it was only fitting to pick up a beautiful card Tasnim created with the Altenew Sketchy Cities set for inspiration!


Inspiration 5 : Passions outside Papercrafting for Vera

Vera made us all think this week with a lovely question about what your passions were outside papercrafting.

I’m so glad that there was no single answer here. Everyone had a wide variety of different passions and it was amazing to read them all! You all are a seriously talented group with lots of different interests. I’m glad papercrafting binds us all together!!

I thought it was fitting to represent this inspiration with a quote! So thats your inspiration here. But if you feel like it, go ahead and make a card that reflects your passion!!


So hope that was plenty of inspiration to get you crafting this week! I would LOVE to see your crafty creations so please do link them up! There may just be a few prizes for grabs ;)

And this is a great time to catch up on the past episodes of Iron Craft (even Season 1) if you haven’t been following it regularly!

I’ll see you with a regular episode next week!

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  1. ThePurplePlace

    What a great idea ! Love that you chose such a wonderful cause!! Now, to pick out which image I shall use? It’s hard since they’re all fabulous!!


  2. Debby Hughes

    OMG what an awesome surprise! My Feedly reader is overflowing but feeling yukky tonight I indulged in a little laptop surfing and found myself looking at my name! Thank you Chaitali and Chupa, you girls are amazing 😀


  3. conil

    This is simply a brilliant idea…amazing that you thought of using the interviewees questions as inspiration. I definitely want to play. Have to go now an reconoiter.


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