Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 15

Hello folks! Welcome to Episode 15 of Iron Craft. This is the last one before the next break week (don’t worry I’ll be back after that for more episodes!). But that means you only have one more week to play for the Iron Craft Challenge going on now! Hurry up and use all the cool inspiration to create something today!!

Back to today’s episode. Today I have another crazily talented lady as my guest! She is soft spoken and sweet and a huge… did I say huge?… dog lover!


Welcome Vera Yates to Iron Craft with some big applause please!! So happy to have her here today! Watch the interview where we chat about getting published, Vera’s annual card drive and her cute doggie babies!


Vera and I both used Riley & Co. stamps for our cards! Isn’t Riley cute? 🙂 Ours was called Popping out of Cake Riley. Thanks Riley & Co. for sponsoring our episode!


Here is what we both created with the set! My card on the left and Vera’s on the right.


I tried to use soft, soothing colors on my card, similar to what Vera uses on hers. Love her soft, pastel style and gorgeous photos!


Today we have a super duper giveaway from Riley & Co.!! 5 lucky winners… you read that right the first time… FIVE lucky winners will get a set each from Riley & Co. because I have 5 of their Riley sets to give away 🙂

To win, just leave a comment here answering Vera’s question and I’ll pick 5 lucky winners next week! Here is Vera’s question for you again…


What is your passion outside of papercrafting?


So tell us what else you enjoy beside papercrafting and lets swap notes on other hobbies and interests too!! Looking forward to know more about all of you, especially you regular ladies who always leave sweet comments here!! ❤


  1. Beth Holt

    Serving our church community by leading a small group for women that meets weekly. Oh – and baking too. Love sweets!


  2. Marie

    I teach Laughter Wellness – laughing with people is a passion of mine…and its tons o’ fun!



  3. BarbGhig

    It was so much fun getting to know Vera! Thank you so much for your wonderful interviews, Chaitali! I really enjoy them!
    Besides paper crafting, I enjoy reading. Thanks again ~ Have a great week!


  4. Linda Keating

    Outside of work, family and card making, I try to get in some time for photographing birds.
    Thanks for all of your inspiring videos!


  5. Kailash

    I feel so blessed with my craft making but feel just so lucky that outside of that I have time to volunteer at my food pantry which I have been doing for 11 years. I also love cooking and traveling:-).


  6. Eileen L.

    Great video Chaitali. Nice to meet you Vera, sorry we didnt get to see the pups. Love both of your cards.

    I teach self-awareness classes outside of papercrafting. Thanks for the chance to win those cute stamps.


  7. Victoria H.

    What a fun interview and beautiful cards! My first passion is my family….my kids, dog and extended. I enjoy all kinds of crafting, knitting and crocheting, almost anything the cand be done with my hands.


  8. Cynthia X

    What a nice video,Vera is so sweet. Love her phone cover. I love to garden in my spare time. Now that summer is here, I can only be in the garden in the morning or late afternoon.


  9. Sherry Hammond

    I loved getting to know Vera. Your cards are so amazing. My passion outside of paper crafting is working with a Rheumatology Clinic for the uninsured in Nashville. It is so rewarding to see people who walk in with so much difficulty and in so much pain that weeks later after having been prescribed meds, they are feeling so much better and out of pain. When Vera was asked what 3 things would she take if her craft room disappeared. Well, we just last week had a sump pump failure in our basement and of course that is where my craft room and office is located. I was interested in Vera’s answer to the question, because I first took the paper trimmer, silhouette and my computer.


  10. terriavidreader

    other than card making, I think reading is my passion. I try to read a book a night most nights. But I do love cardmaking! Thanks for a chance to win.


  11. Bev

    Vera, LOVE your phone cover. Other than paper crafting, my family is my passion. Kids, grandkids and great grandkids, LOVE my time spent with them. Both of you made adorable cards and will be visiting Riley and Company as soon as I finish this comment.


  12. irene G.

    Teaching and learning is my passion. I teach public speaking, probably one of the most feared subjects on earth. I love to see my students go from scared students on the first day, to confident, enthusiastic speakers on the last. And I learn so much from them each semester! That’s my other passion beyond paper crafting. Thanks for a great question, Vera!


  13. Therese Emanuel

    Thanks for another great Iron Craft interview and the chance to meet Vera. I love meeting others who are obsessed with paper crafting. My craft area is also in the basement and flooding is sometimes a problem at certain times of the year, so I am glad that you asked that question about the disappearing craft room. I would grab photos, silhouette cameo, and my box of stamps. My passion outside of paper crafting is teaching. I need to hurry and check out Riley and Co.


  14. Angelique Vela

    Oooh, I love Iron Craft! According to my boys’ my next biggest passion after paper crafting is beading. They’re probably right!


  15. Carmen M.

    My passion outside of papercrafting would be my family… I want to be there for every moment that my kids want me to share with them. They are getting older Mom isn’t quite so cool anymore 🙂


  16. conil

    Another terrific interview Chiatali. Outside paper crafting passion…gardening. Yes, it’s boring, but very rewarding too, except for pulling weeds. I’m out to annihilate ever single one of them. Hey, maybe that’s my passion. Hmmmm.


  17. dottiej27

    The only thing that tops my love for paper crafts is my love for my grandkids. I have an awesome family that brings me much joy.


  18. shartl

    Always love your video interviews and was so excited to hear Vera Yang, who is one of my favorites! As for my other interests beside crafting, it would be baking! I love baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes…(oh, and eating them too!)


  19. karenladd

    LOVE those adorable Riley cards and really enjoyed hearing from Vera! I have admired her cards in magazines and on her blog for some time. When not crafting I love to read and watch Home and Garden TV! I do love my stamping and card making though…so try to get some in every day!


  20. Pat McCleary

    Great episode this week & both of you made such cute cards. Love Riley &Co.- Funny Bones are such a hoot- I have several. Thanks, Chaitali; see you next time. My family is my passion- my husband of 40 years, 3 amazing daughters who have given me 4 gorgeous grandchildren.


  21. stampnk

    Great interview and wonderful cards! I have to admit that I love crafting more than anything, but I also love to read and to spend time with my family! Thank you also for giving us the info on the holiday Card drive! I made several cards for that last year and plan to do so again!


  22. Shona Chambers

    If you asked my children that question they would say ‘cleaning’…how sad… I love spending time with my children, they are 9yrs and 7yrs and we do things together everyday. A very dear friend of mine lost her daughter a few years ago aged 4yrs, so for me, spending time with them while they still want me around is really important. Other than that, eating Peanut M&M’s is very high on my list!!


  23. Amy Cooley

    My other passion is baking! I combine my love of papercrafting and baking and give out cute little treats throughout the year.


  24. Vicki Smith

    Those cards are hysterical and adorable. Love all the interviews and what I like to do aside from papercrafting is reading. I read all of Oprah’s book selections but I was a big reader all my life and it’s one of my passions.


  25. Carol Perry

    I work full time as a nurse so my other passion for over 21 years has been bringing babies into the world healthy and happy. Can’t imagine doing anything else.
    Wonderful interview with Vera. She is so sweet and genuine.


  26. Sue D

    Cute cards and stamp set.
    My other passion is our homesteading type of lifestyle–involves gardening, animals and preserving food.


  27. Patti T. From Gainesville, FL

    My passion is trying to be the healthiest I can be…2 hours at the gym every day (cardio, Pilates, strength training) and cooking / eating low calorie balanced diet.


  28. Mimi R

    I love playing with my dog when I’m not crafting. I also love to read and watch movies with my hubby and dog. I love learning about Vera – such a talented lady.


  29. Sarah Seals

    Great interview, Chaitali! You and Vera made such cute cards! I’ve never heard of Riley & Company before. Great…another company with stamps I just have to have! Lol. My passion outside of papercrafting is definitely spending time with my family, my friends, & of course all of our fur-babies! Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck everyone! 🙂


  30. Vithya

    Nice to get to know, Vera. Sweet video. And fabulous cards, girls!

    Umm.. passion outside of papercrafting. I love reading, and collecting books. I love collecting old books from thrift shops. It’s kind of an addiction. I’m a bit weird like that.


  31. Carol Mc

    Great Interview. Love the cards. One of my favorite stamp lines is Riley.
    Passion – I love gardening, photography and papercrafting.


  32. Nancy H.

    I enjoyed watching the interview. Both of your cards were adorable! Outside of crafting, my passion would be gardening and spending time outdoors.


  33. Kristen V

    Wonderful cards from you both! I love when we have the time to cuddle up on the couch with my kids and watch a good movie. Thanks for the video!


  34. c

    Again, an inspiring, enlightening, fabulous interview, Chaitaili! Vera is, in a word, awesome! Outside of crafting, my first passion is being Aunty C to my niece and nephew, who are 4 and 2 years old. My second passion: I’m a bike racing official for mountain bike, road and cyclo-cross races in our province. I’ve been doing this for several years; not only is it fun (well…most of the time!), but it gives me opportunity to spend time with my husband who is both an official and a competitor. Next week, we’re off to Bend, Oregon (I. love. Bend.), where he’ll be racing. As for me, at this event, I’m in the feed zone, waiting to pass him much-needed water bottles when he flashes by! Thanks for the fabulous question!


  35. Lynda

    Outside of papercrafting, I work full-time as a speech pathologist. I love working with children & I love helping them learn & grow. It’s so fulfilling to like my job since I also need to make some money!


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