Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 14

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Iron Craft!!

I thought we would do something a little different today. I always have one guest for you. But whats better than one guest? Yup! TWO guests!!

Today I have 2 fabulous guests in Iron Craft! It was a whole lot of fun interviewing them together!


My guests are the fun and talented Jen Rzasa and Tasnim Ahmed! Watch the interview where we chat about their crafty beginnings, how they met each other and about their newest joint venture; Altenew!


Jen, Tasnim and I used the same ingredients for a fun three-way crafting session! We all used this gorgeous set from Altenew – Simple Shapes! This is an absolutely amazing basic set that you can easily use to crank up some 100 cards in a couple of hours. Honest!

Don’t believe me? Wait till you see my follow-up post for my card tomorrow. I will wave my magic wand and transform my one card into 4 😉


Here is what the three of us made. Mine is on the far left, Jen’s in the middle and Tasnim’s on the far right.

Jen and Tasnim will have more details on their blogs about their cards! Jen made an extra one too that you can see on her blog or on my Facebook page tomorrow!

As for mine, I’m warning you now that this one card is going to become 5 later in the week!!



Now, 2 guests need 2 giveaways right? 🙂 Yup, so we have everything in twos today! There are 2 questions for you to answer and you have a chance to win 2 stamp sets from Altenew! Thanks Jen and Tasnim for sponsoring this giveaway!!

2 lucky winners will be chosen, one each for a giveaway of Simple Shapes and Dodecagram stamp sets from Altenew!

First, Jen’s question:

What is your favorite TV show?

Then, Tasnim’s question:

What stamps would you like to see in Altenew’s future releases?

So just leave your answers in comments on the post here and I’ll pick 2 lucky winners for 2 fab giveaways! Hope you enjoyed the post! Do come back tomorrow for more deets on my Iron Craft card of this week 🙂


  1. BarbGhig

    Hi Chaitali ~ I can’t believe you’re up to Episode 14 already! I really enjoyed getting to know more about Tasnim and Jennifer during their interview…Thanks for sharing it with us! I don’t watch tv very much, but when I do, I really enjoy Project Runway. I would love to see more fonts and sentiments from Altenew.
    Thanks again for another great interview!


  2. Eileen L.

    Nice to meet you Jen and Tasnim, great video and good luck with your new venture. Loved all your cards, especially yours Chaitali loved your idea.
    1) My favorite TV show is America’s Got Talent.
    2) Stamps I would like to see are a small set with leaves, flowers, branches, grass and various tiny flowers to create a small garden scene.


  3. Kristen V

    I would love to have a long border stamp for the bottom of a card (which could be used both ways on a card) that had grass and flowers which could be colored. Or a stamp building set just for the ground. I have so many clouds, suns, and stars with lots of dies to match, but not much for the ground. Thanks to all for a great interview!


  4. Monica Cruz-Weaver

    Thanks for the amazing interview with these two amazing ladies! I love their stamp sets and have enjoyed playing with them.

    1. Love It or List It
    2. I would love to see more flower stamp sets.


  5. irene G.

    Another great interview. It was nice meeting both women. Good luck on the venture! To answer questions…
    Fave Show: Too many to list, but probably West Wing and Battlestar Galactica
    Future Stamps: I love trees — full trees, lopsided canopies that a figure or sentiment can snuggle under, skeletal trees where we can add our own leaves, or any other kind of tree.


  6. Maureen Hayes

    I’m embarrassed to admit I wasn’t aware of these new stamps, so I am THRILLED to have learned about a wonderful new company and some great stamp sets through Iron Crafter!

    1. I love Downton Abbey
    2. I would like to see more florals and cityscapes!


  7. Miriam Prantner

    Loved this week’s interview. My favorite show right now is Once Upon a Time, and I would love to see Washington DC become an Altenew Cityscape


  8. Pat McCleary

    This was a super fun episode. So cool to see both Jen & Tasmin & learn more about their new company. I loved seeing all 3 cards- so fun & completely different. My fav tv show is NCIS & I’ll leave the design questions to the pros.


  9. Virginia L.

    Thanks for interviewing my most favorite card-makers/stamp designers! I enjoyed watching this episode totally! 1. Masterpiece Theater 2. more multi-step stamps. I adore all of your cards! Your interactive one is genius, Chaitali!


  10. Sue McRae

    Love the stamps that Tasnim and Jen have designed so far, can’t wait for the next release! My fave show is Elementary. I would like to see more Label sentiments created in the future and an artsy butterfly set that has stamp layers like the Painted Flowers set.


  11. Victoria H.

    What another great interview and amazing cards! I love your interactive one, Chaitali! My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds. I think I would like more flower stamps or scene stamps.


  12. andrenesmith

    Beautiful cards! Chaitali your card is ingenious!! Love it!! I am a huge fan of Altenew (I save my tissue paper too as well as Tasnim’s wonderful note) and am gradually getting all of the sets…you have to grab them quick before they sell out again! One I am lacking is the Simple Shapes so it would be fabulous to win it!!
    My favorite show is NCIS (its tied with 3 others!!) and as for designs I would say things similar to the first release b/c they were very unique and fresh and very technique friendly. Congrats on your big success Tasnim and Jen!


  13. Laura Jane

    I do admire the talent of both these ladies.GREAT interviews today!
    T.V. is not in our house…but used to LOVE the BRADY BUNCH when I was a kid:)
    I think I would like to watch some of the cooking shows that are on now.
    BUTTERFLIES with multi- step layers would be FABULOUS!!


  14. Sue D

    Great interview and love the cards.
    Favorite TV show is Castle.
    I would like to see stamps reflecting Small Town USA and country scenes.


  15. Judy

    Fun interview! I don’t watch much t.v. but I enjoyed Downton Abbey and still watch reruns of As Time Goes By. I love the Label Love set and would like to see more unique sentiment sets and some more floral sets as well.


  16. conil

    Chiatali, wonderful interview…so glad to hear from the designers of Altenew’s incrdible stamp sets. To answer their questions, “Jen”-The Big Bang Theory (love the dialog) but there are others on my list, too. “Tasnim”-this is a toughy. Would like to see some more of your lovely flowers like the Magnolia set and perhaps a really good Sympathy sentiment set that’s not to saccharine (I know that’s a downer, but I do send several each year).


  17. melaniadeasy

    Very fun interview!! Love to getting know them more!! I love their works and Altenew Stamps 🙂 My favorite TV Show is American’s Next Top Model. The stamp set that I like to see in Altenew’s future releases is more modern graphic font and element.


  18. Alo

    What a great interview, your cards are awesome!
    Fav shows downton abey, the Simpsons
    I would love Seattle skyline stamp set, butterflies and florals.


  19. Kimberly E.

    So nice to meet these lovely, creative ladies! Another great interview. My favorite show would be Downton Abbey hands down! I would love to see stamps that can be watercolored. I know anything these two come up with will be brilliantly done!! Thanks for sharing!!


  20. Denise Bryant

    Awesome interview!
    My favorite show is The Following.
    I’d love to see some great holiday images for Halloween and Christmas. Those are my two favorite cardmaking occasions!


  21. pamela

    So so so happy to see the both of them! My favourite show is a Cantonese TV show called Come Home. Love 🙂 And I would love to see more of Jen’s handwritten stamps!


  22. c

    Another winning video with two incredibly talented designers and one fabulously engaging hostess! I so look forward to these; entertaining, educational, enlightening! My favourite TV shows: Restaurant Impossible, Top Chef & Top Chef Canada, Chopped and Chopped Canada. The grand irony: I can’t cook! Thank heavens for my husband, who navigates a kitchen as well as he navigates his bike. Awesome on both counts! New sets – I’m seconding one of the previous commenters – artsty, double stamp/multi-stamp butterflies and a variety of sentiments. Whatever you choose, will be amazing! Your first sets are clear evidence of your exceptional creativity yet to come!


  23. rains

    Oh how happy I am that you had this interview! I LOVE Altenew stamps – I’ve only been able to get the city one so far but will be getting more over time. I love them all, especially the city one (being from Boston – in one of the buildings you have in your city scape, and then having lived for years in NYC). I also love the painted flowers one and the magnolias and the labels and really ALL of them! It was great finding out more about you two. I too went to UMass Amherst, but in theater and English. My favorite TV show is So You Think You Can Dance but I also love Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad and Mad Men… And as for future sets…I am so excited about the ones you’ve already released it’s hard to want to add any more, yet. Flowers are always good, as are sentiments.
    Oh, and your cards were wonderful, especially the magnet sheet one. I am totally stealing that idea for my 6 yo niece.


  24. mypaperepiphany

    Fabulous interview again! My latest favourite show was Fargo. I would love more flower stamps and maybe some feathers. Oh and birds.
    # gorgeous cards – yours was very creative Chaitali!


  25. Shona Chambers

    Fantastic interview!! I absolutely love Altenew stamps. I received Sohcahtoa and Painted Flowers a few weeks ago and have used them more than any other stamp sets I have. I have ALOT of favourite tv shows at the moment, to pick one it would be Veep. Hilarious and so well written. I would really like to see more stamps that are like the process for Painted Flowers. Maybe other flower types?? To be honest I would love anything they bring out.


  26. Betty Meyskens

    Great interview – you asked the questions that I was wondering about too. Now we know how they named their company – love it! My favorite new show is Night Shift. I actually love all stamps, but I can always use more sentiments, the sport of curling, stamps featuring children ideas. I know this is a weird selection but you asked ….


  27. Anja

    Thanks for having these two super talented girls in this episode! I love your Iron Craft interviews, Chaitali! And guess what I got in my mailbox today? Altenew stamps! Lucky me :o)
    I don’t watch much TV (I prefer YouTube videos instead *hehe*) but at the moment I like to watch the Football World Cup in Brazil – I know that’s not a TV show ;o)
    In the future I would love to see a stamp set with butterflies or geometric borders/patterns that can also be used to create backgrounds by repeated stamping.


  28. Nancy

    What a great idea for an interactive card. Wonderful cards by all the ladies.
    My favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory
    I love the look of watercolor, so stamps that emulate watercolored images.


  29. Jane S

    Your interview answered so many questions I had about the new company. Nice to get to know you both a little more. My fave TV show is Longmire and I would like to see lots of scripty style words or greetings.


  30. ThePurplePlace

    That was fun having all three of you together! I’m already a fan of Altenew and think I just ordered my fourth set, but would LOVE to win another..! Thanks for the opportunity.

    As for my favorite TV show…I don’t have just one, but I do like to watch a lot of the shows on HGTV.

    PS: I also took the Online Watercolor for Cardmakers class and it was my ALL TIME favorite loved every day! 🙂


  31. kmcorby

    My favorite TV show is Person of Interest. From Altenew, I would like to see more Henna Elements to build on the original set, and other sets based on Middle Eastern or South Asian designs.


  32. lolyborda43

    I enjoyed the interview! I don’t watch TV but I can say that my fav show is Scandal. And for Tasnim question, I love sentiment stamps in pretty fonts. Thanks for the chance!


  33. Sharron Gregory

    Awesome interview! Loved the chance to learn more about Jen and Tasnim and their wonderful new company. Their stamp sets are amazing! More like Painted Flowers would be fantastic. The multi-step design is fantastic to use. I would love to see butterflies, birds, actually any nature themed designs. My favorite TV show is Downton Abbey. Just started watching last year so still have some catching up to do.


  34. Vithya

    Stunning cards, girls!

    Loved the interview. It was fun to know the secret behind the name Altenew 🙂 Jen and Tasnim were fab. Lol @Tasnim hoarding acrylic blocks. I did that too! 😀

    The one TV show that I watch regularly is the Mahabharat(it’s a regional TV show, here in India) Other than that my one guilty pleasure is watching Survivor online.

    The next question, I love! I’d love stamp sets like the Magnolias. I think that set is one of the most beautiful you girls have designed. Also, more script stuff. I’d also like a sentiment builder stamp set for Valentine’s and other love related stuff.



  35. lisascreativeniche

    yay!!! I LOVE these ladies and their stamps are amazing!!! My favorite tv show right now is Once Upon A Time… I would love to see more various flowers like the painted flowers stamp set… it is one of my all time fav. stamps ever!!!


  36. Mary-Anne V.

    Wow two awesome artists in the same interview…creativity overload!
    My fav show is Modern Family and I would like to see a sports/masculine themed set (basically something for older boys/men )


  37. Therese Emanuel

    Thank you for the great interview this week. I know what tangrams are and I have always found them fascinating and challenging. You are so creative to use this idea on a card. My favorite T.V. show is The Good Wife. A stamp set idea that I would like to see is for different flowers like roses, daisies and geraniums.


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