Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 14

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Iron Craft!!

I thought we would do something a little different today. I always have one guest for you. But whats better than one guest? Yup! TWO guests!!

Today I have 2 fabulous guests in Iron Craft! It was a whole lot of fun interviewing them together!


My guests are the fun and talented Jen Rzasa and Tasnim Ahmed! Watch the interview where we chat about their crafty beginnings, how they met each other and about their newest joint venture; Altenew!


Jen, Tasnim and I used the same ingredients for a fun three-way crafting session! We all used this gorgeous set from Altenew – Simple Shapes! This is an absolutely amazing basic set that you can easily use to crank up some 100 cards in a couple of hours. Honest!

Don’t believe me? Wait till you see my follow-up post for my card tomorrow. I will wave my magic wand and transform my one card into 4 😉


Here is what the three of us made. Mine is on the far left, Jen’s in the middle and Tasnim’s on the far right.

Jen and Tasnim will have more details on their blogs about their cards! Jen made an extra one too that you can see on her blog or on my Facebook page tomorrow!

As for mine, I’m warning you now that this one card is going to become 5 later in the week!!



Now, 2 guests need 2 giveaways right? 🙂 Yup, so we have everything in twos today! There are 2 questions for you to answer and you have a chance to win 2 stamp sets from Altenew! Thanks Jen and Tasnim for sponsoring this giveaway!!

2 lucky winners will be chosen, one each for a giveaway of Simple Shapes and Dodecagram stamp sets from Altenew!

First, Jen’s question:

What is your favorite TV show?

Then, Tasnim’s question:

What stamps would you like to see in Altenew’s future releases?

So just leave your answers in comments on the post here and I’ll pick 2 lucky winners for 2 fab giveaways! Hope you enjoyed the post! Do come back tomorrow for more deets on my Iron Craft card of this week 🙂


  1. Sallee P.

    Thanks, Chaitali! Was really excited to learn more from Tasnim and Jen R. My favorite TV show is Mad Men. For future stamps, I love beautiful elements like Henna Elements. And also maybe something cool and retro or Art Deco would be cool. And I love the idea of still life stuff like fruit etc. Can’t wait to see what comes next!


  2. rociogesp

    Love watching your videos & knowing more about my crafty idols! Thank you!
    My fav TV show are a few but in this season “Deadliest Catch” & would love to see Cityscapes: Los Angeles!! & more floral themes!!


  3. Anja curvers

    Another great episode and two very pretty ladies loved to know them better.
    I adore all the cards and I am a big fan of altenew love their stamps.
    As for the questions.
    1. Teevee show; grey’s anatomy and castle.
    2. Loved to see more flowerstamps and ofcourse some christmasstamps.


  4. Kate

    I really enjoyed the interview. I am already a big fan of Altenew so I loved hearing more about how it came about. So, to the questions: favourite tv programme has to be Corrie (I am sure only Brits will know what this is!!!). Secondly, what stamps do I want to see for the future, well that is easy. More city skylines (perhaps some European ones please!) or something architectural, more of Tasnim’s gorgeous flowers and of course lots more trendy script fonts.


  5. Debbie Archer

    Wonderful interview! I love your card, Chaitali. I work with with preschoolers and when I make cards for them, I like to make it age appropriate and interesting. They would LOVE this! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 Now for the questions; My favorite television program is Live with Kelly and Michael (when I’m working, I record it to watch later). I would love to see more sentiment sets using brushstrokes, and also a floral building set with drifferent vases. Your interviews are such a great way for papercrafters all over to get to know some very amazing designers – THANKS!


  6. Bobby

    It was interesting to hear about how the two met and started a company together. I think they’re on the right track. I’d like to see some “cheery”” sentiments since I send lots of cards to the homebound people in out church. I have several favorite tv shows but I’d have to say Castle is #1.


  7. juliet

    Love the interview, thanks so much! My favourite tv show is game of thrones, and I’d love to see some travel or distance related stamps since I live in nz and send cards to friends all over the world.


  8. Monique

    Loved hearing more about this amazing new company!
    1. My favourite tv show is Big Bang Theory
    2. I’d love to see some European City Scapes…


  9. Lynda

    My favorite TV show is Homeland. I’d like to see you make a paint script stamp in Happy Birthday. I’m always using that sentiment on cards & I love the that trendy font.


  10. Amy

    Favorite TV show was house of cards. As to a new kind of stamp, I want a golden retriever that I could watercolor. And maybe a goldendoodle. Guess there are not enough dogs stamps out there. Don’t like the cartoony looking ones. Really pretty ones… like my dogs. The other thing I thought about is to have a stamp that appeals to a 50 or 60-year-old single woman. Something I can use for a birthday card. Not little girlish like the pure innocence even though they are beautiful. And not like the art impressions ones of the chubby ladies. Though I think they’re great and I have several of them. I guess I see a lot of stuff for women who have kids not a lot of stuff for single women. Guess I could use flowers and stuff. OMG I am sorry I am blathering on so much.


  11. maria f.

    Two amazingly creative ladies. Thanks for having them. I’d love anything they’d release I bet – talk about having a finger on the pulse of trendy! As for TV, my fave show ever was Ally McBeal.


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