Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 13

Hey everyone!

Ready for another Iron Craft episode? Good. You better be! Because I really stalked my guest today and bothered her till she gave in and said yes for an Iron Craft episode πŸ˜› Her work is always exceptional and I’m so happy she did her first video interview with me!


My guest today is the madly talented Iwona Palamountain, popularly known as Chupa! Watch the video for an explanation of how she got her nickname; a chat about her other hobbies and some uber cuteness because of my other guest in the video πŸ˜‰


Chupa and I used the same ingredients today for our crafting together session! We used the Penny Black Poppy Time stamp set and the matching Penny Black Sun Catcher stencil.



Here is what we both came up with! My card on the left and Chupa’s on the right. I love Chupa’s card with all her lovely textures and colors!!



Today Penny Black is sponsoring our giveaway! Thanks PB!!

One lucky winner will get a copy of the same stamp set and stencil that Iwona and I used today! To win, just leave a comment here answering the question Chupa asked in the video interview! Here is her question for you again…


Who would you like to see as the next muse in CASE Study?


If you are not familiar with CASE Study, go take a look! Its a fun challenge that Chupa runs! And ofcourse your suggested muse may actually show up in CASE Study. Perhaps also as an Iron Crafter πŸ˜‰ So choose wisely!


  1. Kailash

    Wonderful designs on both your gorgeous cards. I just love that poppy set:-). I think Laura Bassen would be fantastic at Case Study as a muse, she has amazing talent!!!!


  2. Diane

    Wonderful interview, loved “meeting” Iwona! Both of your cards are so beautiful, love the floral stencil! I would love to see Laurie Willison as a muse at Case Study (and also in an Iron Craft interview!)


  3. Beth Holt

    Thank you for introducing yet another inspiring paper crafter. I would like to see how many different ways people can use a stencil. Whether it be using distress inks, embossing pastes, distress paints or whatever. It would be great to get some more uses out of stencils. Thanks!


  4. irene G.

    Thanks for introducing us to Chupa! I’d love to see as muse either (or both!) Sandy Allnock or Vicky Papaioannou. Both of them blow me away with their creative talents.


  5. Carmen M.

    Wow amazing creations this week! Love them both but so different! I have never seen the stencil with the stamp before how cool is that! I think perhaps CHAITALI it would be fun to see you as the next muse!


  6. Eileen L.

    Nice to meet you Chupa! Both cards were very pretty. The two people I would love to see as a muse are Bibiana of StampingwithBibiana, she does various mixed media, stencils with various materials, die cutting and beautiful stamping. The second person is Kittie
    Caracciola of KittieKraft her work is mesmerizing to me, the scenes this woman creates with die cuts, stamps and various paints is like pictures to hang on your wall, beautiful.
    Beth Holt above, visit Bibiana for some great stencil techniques.


  7. Bev

    Beautiful cards. I would love to see Laura Bassen as a muse. Thanks Chaital so much for your Iron Craft interviews, love them.


  8. BarbGhig

    Hi Chaitali,
    What a wonderful interview! I have admired Chupa’s gorgeous cards for some time, and really enjoyed learning more about her…Thank you! I would love to see Laura Bassen as the Muse for CASE Study!
    Thanks so much for a chance to win this beautiful PB stamp and stencil…yours and Chupa’s cards are amazing! And, thanks again for the tutorial for DIY enamel dots ~ So FUN!!!


  9. Judy

    Fun interview and I love what you both created with the lovely Penny Black stamp and stencil! I would like to see Julie Ebersole again as the Muse for Case Study.


  10. Rebecca Ednie

    I’d love to see Melissa Philips. I’m new to CASE study but I don’t think she’s been on. Or Bety Jennings. Not very well known but a brilliant shabby chic artist. I’d love to see some more styles represented. Seems to heavy on the CAS.


  11. Nadine (wahinelei)

    Great interview with Chupa and awesome cards from the both of you! I’d love to see Dawn Woleslagle of Wplus9 featured. I think her watercolor cards are amazing and have found her watercolor technique videos to be very helpful!


  12. andrenesmith

    Both of your cards are beautiful. Great interview – I admire Chupa’s work a lot! I would love to see Dawn Woleslagle of Wplus9 and Jen Rzasa of Altenew as muses and Iron Crafters!!


  13. trishreddick

    I’d love to see Laura Bassen as a muse! And I loved your cards- the poppy is a great starting point for your lovely interpretations.


  14. Sandy Carroll

    Thanks for your interview with Chupa. I have followed her for awhile now and it’s nice to see someone “live”. Beautiful cards from both of you! I enjoy shabby chic and one of my favorite card makers is Melissa Philips.


  15. Linda Keating

    Thank you for the great video! I have been following Chupa for a while and just love her work. I’m pretty new to cardmaking and enjoy it very much.
    I think Kimberly Wiener or Debby Hughes would be great muses. Their cards are different but full of beauty and imagination.


  16. Denise Bryant

    I love both of these beautiful cards! Such a lovely stamp and stencil, and so versatile! I would love seeing Debby Hughes for your CASE study! Also another fave of mine… Kath Stewart!


  17. Jennyfer L

    I loved Chupa’s interview. I would love to see Jaclyn Miller or Emily Leiphart or Amber Daigre. Thanks for the chance!


  18. Michelle Lupton

    I was one of the lucky ducks who got to attend the crafty retreat with Iwona earlier this year – so happy to see you on Iron Craft, Chupa! I just went through the list of previous muses, and so many of my crafty crushes have already been muses!! How about one of the ladies from the craft retreat? You’ve already had Joy, how about Teresa, Jenny D, Suzanne or Debbie for their mad Copic skills? Or Lyndal or Jenny M or Cecilia for their cool design skills? Or Angelique for her amazing CAS style?


  19. Maureen Hayes

    What a fun episode! I would love to see Chaitali as a muse because I really feel that she is a wonderful card maker in her own right! πŸ˜‰


  20. Kimberly E.

    Great episode again!!! I would love to see Lisa Adametz (Papergrace) as the muse! She rocks mixed media techniques which are so fun and on trend right now. Thanks for the chance to win!!


  21. Wanda Cullen

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video interview! It was great to visualize Chupa’s crafting space after being a long time follower of her creations! I would like to see Amy Sheffer as a muse. Dawn Woleslagle and Debby Hughes have been mentioned already and I would also ditto their recommendations.


  22. mypaperepiphany

    Wonderful episode! You know there was a time there during the interview, that I felt I was eavesdropping on a private conversation! Very natural. I would love to see Lisa Spangler as a Muse.


  23. lolyborda43

    I enjoyed your interview to Chupa! It’s so nice to know better an artist I admire so much! I’d love to see Kelly Griglione as a Muse, she is so so creative!


  24. Tracey McNeely

    Chaitali this was such an enjoyable video, I love Chupa, she really is a gem. I have been in awe of her talent for a long time. I love both cards made for today. I love that stamp and I love how both of you did something completely different and yet so gorgeous! I would love to see Virginia Lu as a Muse!


  25. Sandie Clarke

    This is the first time I have visited iron craft and seen the crafters interview, what a great idea, I would really like to see Vicky Papaioannou as a muse in a future interview.


  26. donna mikasa

    Fun interview with Chups! She is so talented–I have stalked her for a while, too! It would be fun to have her as the Muse, or you, Chaitali!


  27. Kathryn

    Beautiful Cards!! Thank you for sharing. I would love to see Sand Allnockk as your next muse, she is so talented.


  28. Ginger

    I love both the cards so much. Not really sure what case is. I love Penny Black stamps and these that were used on these cards are great. Thanks for sharing.


  29. Christine Dearinger

    Fabulous cards from you both but must say that Iwona’s hits the spot for me.
    I would love to see Melissa Phillips featured.She is so talented and seems like such a beautiful lady!


  30. Cathy thibodeaux

    Both cards were soooo beautiful. So interesting to see the two total different looks using same products but different techniques. Would love to see Laura Bassen.


  31. Carol Mc

    The cards are gorgeous. Loved the interview.
    I would love to see Mona Pendleton if she hasn’t been cased already.


  32. Michele Ferguson

    Look at those lovely cards! So beautiful, ladies, and I’d love to own those products. Debby Hughes is my card making mentor so my first choice would be Debby. I fell in love with Dawn Woleslagle during the Water Coloring for Card Makers class, so I’d love to see more, please!
    Chupa, I love CASE Study and really make an effort to submit weekly – I know it is making me a better artist!
    Thanks, Chaitali!


  33. c

    Thank you again, Chaitali, for your amazing interview with an incredibly talented artist (a category you fall into as well!!), Chupa. I’ve been a long time admirer of her artistry; she truly adds a whole new level to ‘creativity.’ For future interviews…oh my, I have three: Bev, from Uniko, Stephanie, from Clearly Besotted, and, as several others have suggested, Debby Hughes. Bev is ‘this close’ to having twin boys, so maybe you can nab her before those ‘little beans’ (as she calls them) arrive. Whoever, you choose, though, will be awesome – and you, in your ever engaging way, will bring out their best! You = fabulous!


  34. Angelique Vela

    This was awesome! Fabulous cards ladies! How about Christine Drogt (her blog: kartenchaos) or Vicky Papaioannou or Sandi Allnock or Stephanie Wincott.


  35. Victoria H.

    What a fantastic interview; I love the opportunity to “meet” my favorite crafters here. Thanks, Chaital. Please don’t include m the drawing as I’m lucky to own them both; especially after seeing these two beautiful inspirations.
    As for the next muse, there are so many wonderful and talented crafters out there how does one chose!! I would love to see Vicky Papaioannou, Laura Bassen, Debby Hhughes which have been mentioned and I’d like to add to the growing list Jennifer Mcgyuire.


  36. Anja

    I really love your Iron Craft interviews! It was a pleasure to see Chupa! She is so very talented and I adore her pieces of art.
    I would love to see Laura Bassen as a Muse for CASE Study!


  37. rains

    This was great. I loved seeing Chupa’s patience with her daughter and both of your cards were beautiful. I’d love to see an interview here or at CASE (which I will now check out for the first time) with Jennifer Rzasa of Altenew stamps.


  38. Sabrina Radican

    Oh my goodness both cards are absolutely gorgeous!!! Boy it sure is hard to pick a muse there is so many that I would love to see. Like Jennifer McGuire, Laura Bassen, Vicky Papaioannou. Just to name a few. Anyone you pick would be absolutely marvelous!!!


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