Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 13

Hey everyone!

Ready for another Iron Craft episode? Good. You better be! Because I really stalked my guest today and bothered her till she gave in and said yes for an Iron Craft episode πŸ˜› Her work is always exceptional and I’m so happy she did her first video interview with me!


My guest today is the madly talented Iwona Palamountain, popularly known as Chupa! Watch the video for an explanation of how she got her nickname; a chat about her other hobbies and some uber cuteness because of my other guest in the video πŸ˜‰


Chupa and I used the same ingredients today for our crafting together session! We used the Penny Black Poppy Time stamp set and the matching Penny Black Sun Catcher stencil.



Here is what we both came up with! My card on the left and Chupa’s on the right. I love Chupa’s card with all her lovely textures and colors!!



Today Penny Black is sponsoring our giveaway! Thanks PB!!

One lucky winner will get a copy of the same stamp set and stencil that Iwona and I used today! To win, just leave a comment here answering the question Chupa asked in the video interview! Here is her question for you again…


Who would you like to see as the next muse in CASE Study?


If you are not familiar with CASE Study, go take a look! Its a fun challenge that Chupa runs! And ofcourse your suggested muse may actually show up in CASE Study. Perhaps also as an Iron Crafter πŸ˜‰ So choose wisely!


  1. Vithya

    Love your card, Chaitali. I love Chupa’s card as always. And the technique.. wow! Should try something like that..

    And about the CASE study muse.. I would love to see Jennifer Rzasa or Karolyn Loncon. I love their style and execution so much.


  2. Sherry Hammond

    Love love the cards and the interview. I love Jennifer McGuire’s work so I would like to see her as a muse if you haven’t used her yet. I’m new to case.


  3. Linda F

    Thank you for the interview with Chupa it was great to get a little insight into her crafting and a peek into her home. Love those PB poppies. As for a CASE study Muse – I’m a big fan of both Jill and Gayatri but they are already on the DT so some other wonderful crafting ladies I love are Jennifer McGuire and Debby Hughes. Every time I look at their blogs I’m blown away by their creativity.


  4. Pat McCleary

    Thanks for another great episode. As for future guests, I don’t even know where to start. I love following so many; to name a few: Jennifer McGuire, Kristina Werner, Darnell Knauss, Ardyth Percy Robb, Leslie Hanna. Amazing talent all& sometimes just plain fun.


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