Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 11

Hey everyone!

Did you enjoy the break week post? You have plenty of time to participate in the challenge if you haven’t already!! Hope to see lots and lots of you play and create with the challenge inspirations!

Back to our regularly scheduled program. My guest this week is someone who is incredibly detail oriented in her crafting and a pro at coloring! I’ve admired her creations for as long as I can remember and so thrilled to have her on Iron Craft!


Today I have Chari Moss as my guest! Welcome Chari!! We had a whole lot of fun discussing TV shows and Chari even gives an impromptu tour of her craft room! Enjoy the interview folks 🙂


There is only one company I associate with Chari and I’m so glad we both are using ingredients from that! Its Lawn Fawn!!

Chari and I used 3 ingredients from Lawn Fawn. The Birthday Tags set, the Tag You’re It dies and the Year 4 Birthday Mini set. Kelly (LF owner) was incredibly generous, sponsoring our episode with so many goodies for me! Thank you Kelly!!


Wanna see what we created? Wait for it….


Here are our cards! Mine on the left and Chari’s on the right!


I tried to capture Chari’s soft but colorful style in my card and ofcourse I had to use Copics with the uber-cute LF images 🙂 Chari has more details on her card on her blog. So make sure you head over to check it out after you are done here! 🙂


Today Lawn Fawn is sponsoring our giveaway with an uber-generous $25 gift certificate!!! Have you thought of how many stamps and dies that will buy??!! Wowie! Thank you Lawn Fawn!

To win, just leave a comment here answering Chari’s question from the video interview! I’ll choose a random winner from the comments. Here is Chari’s question for you again…

What is your favorite TV show?

Looking forward to adding lots of great TV shows to my list this week! Go ahead and leave a comment on what your favorite is. It can be a new one or a very old one too!

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed this Iron Craft episode!!


  1. Jennyfer L

    Awesome interview with Chari and its amazing how a stamp set can be done in 2different ways!
    My fave shows would be Criminal minds and the Listener. Love how they decipher the clues to get the bad guys!!!


  2. Kristen V

    The Big Bang Theory! Thank you for all the wonderful cards you make Chari. I love your work. Thanks to Lawn Fawn, too!


  3. stampnk

    Oh my goodness, these cards are the cutest! That hippo makes me smile and Lawn Fawn is one of my favorite stamp companies! My favorite TV show right now is Game of Thrones but I am also addicted to Home and Garden TV!


  4. Liesl Castles

    These cards are sooooo cute – and i love the stamp sets – thanks for the chance to win… My favorite TV show(s) are The Real Housewives (all of them), and Guiliana & Bill… I love reality shows…


  5. Anja

    Thanks for another great episode! I really enjoy the Iron Craft videos and I love Lawn Fawn! Although I don’t watch that much TV (I prefer YouTube videos instead *hehe*), I really like Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy (typically woman, right?!).


  6. Niki G.

    Totally cute creations! Awesome video interview too! I can never get enough Lawn Fawn. My favorite TV Show is Once Upon A Time…love having our family gather around to watch!


  7. Amy

    My favorite TV show is Downton Abbey.
    I so enjoyed this interview. Both of you girls are so lovely. I felt like I was sharing a few minutes with old friends. How do you do it????!!!! Thank you.


  8. zarischka

    That was super fun to watch! I don’t know if I can enter the giveaway (I’m in Sweden) but I’m gonna answer the question anyway. Maybe someone finds something new to watch! 🙂
    So… I’m a movie/TV-show nerd. I have a whole LIST of loved shows – current and past – like:
    Being Human (UK – first 3 seasons)
    Hawaii Five-0 (New version)
    Sherlock – of course!
    Downton Abbey
    Person of Interest
    Tru Calling
    How I Met Your Mother
    Almost Human (WHY did they cancel it? *cry*)
    Supernatural <— crazy addictive. LOVE it!
    Big Bang Theory
    …and many more. 😉

    But my fave one? It's a toss up between Firefly and Coupling (UK)
    Both more than worth the watch. 🙂


  9. Breda

    Very fun interview. Nice to get to know Chari a little better, and to discover IronCraft! My favorite TV show right now is probably Fargo. So dark and gothic! My son got me hooked on Game of Thrones because he knows how much I love all of the Lord of the Rings books and movies and GoT is very similar.


  10. KathyJH

    Great interview! Love both cards and that tag set is wonderful!
    My favorite tv show is The Amazing Race – I would love to travel around the world and participate in such fabulous challenges.


  11. Nancy Sue

    SUITS, has to be my favorite program right now. I have may others. You girls were great on the video, hope you do more.


  12. Wendy Goundrey

    I loved seeing the adorable Chari interviewed and seeing both your terrific cards. I found out that Chari and I both hate raw tomatoes, too.


  13. Malini C.

    Such cute projects! Thanks for that wonderful interview. My favorite TV show is Once Upon A Time. I am overly obsessed with that show that my friends think I’m crazy. I also love Grey’s Anatomy and Downton Abbey.


  14. Cheri La Bombard

    I love both cards. It is so nice to be able to get the stamp set and also the matching dies. There is so much more that you can do with the stamp set. I love Lawn Fawn Stamps. Thank you for sharing. My favorite TV show is Days of Our Lives. (Soap Opera)


  15. Paula

    Love the cute creations! Am head over heels in love with Lawn Fawn!
    My favorite show is America’s Test Kitchen or any cooking show!


  16. Tess Hackett

    Love Lawn Fawn they are one of my favorite companies. : ) Chari has a great blog that I look forward to reading her posts. My favorite TV show would have to be M*A*S*H*


  17. kymmiek

    Great interview! Two super cute cards, wonderful coloring on both of them! Hands down Lawn Fawn is my favorite stamp company for the smile factor! My favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty. My husband & son got me started, I went kicking & screaming, but I have come to love all those quirky characters!


  18. Jennifer R

    I love LF!!!! and both your cards are sooooo cute! I love bright colors, too–happy cards! I don’t watch tv these days but I used to love the old Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart shows (where he’s a psychiatrist) and lest you think I am ancient, I watched re-runs when I was little (older siblings wouldn’t let me watch kiddie shows). I also like Good Eats with Alton Brown. I am so happy to have discovered the Iron Craft videos! Thank you!


  19. shartl

    Thanks for another great video! I have admired Chari’s cards for quite some time and it’s always fun to find out how crafters got into stamping and how they developed their style. I got a kick out of seeing her old Hero Arts stamps because I think many of us started with images like this.
    With a 3 year old and a 7 month old I don’t have much time for TV shows (other than kiddie and educational ones) but my hubby and i like to settle in to watch Game of Thrones when we can!


  20. Michele Ferguson

    Chaitali, thanks for finding Chari for us all! Especially since I’m really new to blogging =] I’d kill to have all those Distress Ink colors, by the way!! I’m impressed by Chari’s organizational skills. Big Ashville fan, as well. I was in the Biltmore Mansion during the filming of a movie once =]

    I seem to fall in love with shows that just don’t take off… TOUCH with Kiefer Sutherland is one of them… I cannot stand to not know how their story ends!


  21. Tracey Humphries

    Love these cards. I am a huge fan of Lawn Fawn.

    My husband and I always watch Big Bang Theory together but my all-time favourite show is The West Wing.


  22. Jessica Bavier

    Love your sweet cards!!! Super fun! I just LOVE Lawn Fawn so much!! One of my favorite TV shows is Downton Abbey! 🙂


  23. Julie C.

    What a great interview! I enjoy it a lot! And both cards are so cute. Love them!
    My favourite TV programme has to be Friends. No matter how many times you’ve watched it, it still makes me laugh so loud!! ^_^


  24. lmbeh

    Great interview! Love both your cards! Lawn Fawn have the most adorable images, love them! My favorite show is Big Bang Theory. My husband and I love watching it together.


  25. Nicole Barker

    Adorable cards! My new favorite show (we only have Netflix) would have to be Orange is the New Black…very addicting!


  26. Beverly Perdue

    That was a great video! I live in North Carolina too and I was very impressed with Chari’s craft room. I just love her card style and Lawn Fawn products. My favorite TV show is 24.


  27. Holly Havnaer

    What adorable cards and a great interview! Your interviews are so fun Chaitali. My favorite TV show probably has to be the Office. I was so sad to see it go off the air.


  28. anja curvers

    Wow so nice to get to know Chari and beautiful cards you’ve made. Love Lawn fawn they are the best. Thank you for the chance to win.
    About my favorite serie it would definitly be;
    Grey’s anatomy and Castle is a good second.


  29. Victoria H.

    Oh these cards are fabulous! I love seeing how different/same the card are using the same ingredients, so fun.
    My favorite show is Criminal Minds. Thank you both for another great Iron Crafter. Love the mini tour and the great tip on how you identify your ink pads; that is awesome!


  30. Paulette S

    Hi Chaitali! Your interviews are so fun. I love Chari’s style and the Lawn Fawn stamps. Your card was so sweet too. I’m a bit of an organized clutter bug, so I follow quite a few CAS stampers. LOL Hmmm…all time favorite show, I have several, Friends and Seinfeld are at the top of my list. Revenge is our current rage. We watch Survivor and Bachelor/Bachelorette too and DVR them, so we don’t miss a thing. We say we are never watching B/B after every season, but we get pulled in.


  31. Grá O'Neill

    Gorgeous cards, I love Lawn Fawn stamps & they were one of the first I started using because of their alphabet sets & cute images. Favourite TV show has to be Doctor Who, both old & new 🙂


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