Special Winners!

Hey everyone!

I have a special post today! Its about choosing the winners of Iron Craft Challenge 1. But its a special post for another reason too. Read on to see why…

Thankyou everyone who played in the challenge and made some truly beautiful cards! It was a big and daunting task to pick just 3 favorites. But even more than that, I had a hard time deciding what prizes to give the winners. I’ll admit that I was thinking of <insert some hot new craft product here>. But something didn’t feel right.

And then it hit me! We crafters make cards to give away, to give joy to someone else. Then what would be the best gift to a crafter? A product she uses for a short amount of time till another hot new product comes along? Or something that will empower her to do something nice?

So I’m giving each winner today a gift certificate for $20 to JustGive.org. She can choose to donate the amount to any charity of her choice via JustGive!

And without further waiting, here are the three favorites chosen by my mom! Thanks mom for helping make my very hard decision easier!

Berina Febin

Virginia Lu


Congrats ladies! I’ll be in touch shortly with your JustGive gift certificates!

I hope this will inspire you to join in the current Iron Craft challenge because I plan to do the same for each Iron Craft Challenge! Join in and lets pass on some niceness!


  1. Virginia L.

    Oh my! I am so surprised to see my butterfly card in the mix here! Thank you so much for this, Chaitali (and Mom)! What a brilliant idea to donate to this worthy cause! I am thrilled!


  2. Maureen Hayes

    What beautiful cards, congratulations to all the winners. And Chi, what a fantastic idea to make the prize be a donation to a charity. I love your thinking, we all do make cards to make others happy, and although I am sure each one of us has “things” we “want”, there are many people who don’t have things they “need”! What a lovely way to honor the winners and allow them to pass on that good feeling by helping someone, or something, they believe in. Good for you girl and another reason I love following your blog. And to Chi’s mom, you raised a wonderful girl and obviously you and your husband did something right, thanks for giving us a special person!


  3. c

    Oh my goodness, Chaitali and Chaitali’s mom, I’m sitting here, in shock, surprise and amazement over the complete honour, delight and thrill of having my card selected ~ THANK YOU ~ as one of your top three! The opportunity to donate to a charity is incredibly heart-warming and thoughtful! I’m touched deeply…and so grateful that you are empowering me to ‘make a difference’ to someone in need. I know your mom is proud of you; a daughter filled with kindness, compassionate, generosity and an abundance of creativity. You’re a gem, as is your mom! THANK YOU once again, and WOW! Hugs~c


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