Behind the Scenes!

Hello everyone!

I have an interesting post for y’all today! You know already that I was guesting for winnie & walter’s Third Release two weeks ago. I have been on other manufacturer DTs too. And after the recent Iron Craft with Cristina, where she talks about her experience behind-the-scenes on PTI’s design team, I thought it’d be an interesting post to show you how I work through a release. I’ll use winnie & walter’s release as an example!

The excitement starts with a huge box of goodies from the company. In this case from winnie & walter!


When I get such a package, after the initial excitement of opening it and squealing at each set ebbs, I start listing out how many projects I need to make and which sets to use in each. A lot of crafters I know are talented at co-relating with some older sets and blending in the new and old well. I usually stick to the existing release.

This is where I bring out my trusty little black book and sketch out ideas. With limited crafting time, it helps immensely to have some idea of what I want to do. Otherwise I found very early that I end up not producing anything in a craft session and feel frustrated. So sketching and planning helps! I also pin to private pinterest boards pictures and inspirations for projects.


Not all my ideas turn out as planned. And thats the fun of it! Sometimes I just flow with a new direction as I’m creating and make something completely different from what I planned. Thats ok too 🙂 But the planning helps as a jumping point. I wish I could take pictures of images in my head and stick them on a Pinterest board. That’d make planning to creating so much easier!

The last thing planning helps is in quickly creating a large number of cards efficiently. For this release, I was able to do all my Cameo cutting together instead of once per card. So it takes lesser time to create many cards. I do this for diecutting too!


And you saw the results in the winnie & walter Third Release posts! Hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes little sneak peek 🙂


  1. Deena

    Thank you for sharing this!! Could you also show the next step – how your sketches become cards? What thoughts lead you off the original path, etc?
    Can’t wait to see more!


  2. Julie M

    Super fun post, Chaitali! We have a lot in common with the planning of our projects. I love to pre-cut all of my cut files so my work flows a bit better and sketches are a great jumping off point. Thanks so much for including us in your post! 🙂


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