A little bit of magic!

Hey folks!

Have you checked out the recent Iron Craft? It was so much fun with Yainea making magical cards with dragons! Mine is an interactive one 🙂

REMEMBER: For this post, don’t be afraid of lots of white space. Keep scrolling down the page and you’ll enjoy it a lot I promise! 😉

Here is what you saw in the post photo…


And when you open the little door…























































…a little dragon is revealed!!

And when you pull the tab…





























































































The red-and-gold dragon appears in all its glory to grant you a wish! Choose wisely Muggle!

Thanks for visiting 🙂 Next week is going to be super ultra busy here with 2 RELEASES! Yep 2! You just have to come back next week to find out which ones they are 😉


  1. Virginia L.

    You sure put some magic in this card AND post, Chaitali! When I see the blank, I think they look like “clouds” (LOL)! What a SUPERB interactive card! Well done!


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