Iron Craft Season 2 Episode 8

Hey everyone!

Welcome to another episode of Iron Craft! We are on 8 already! They are going by so fast!!

My guest today has her very first appearance on camera! I had to do some convincing to get her on Iron Craft but I’m glad she agreed. Her cards are just SO amazing!

Today I have Cristina “Yainea” Nunez! Lets go check out her interview!



Yainea and I used this fun stamp set from Lawn Fawn as our ingredient – Critters Ever After! After knowing that Yainea enjoys video games, this became even more perfect!


Here is what we made. Mine on the left and Yainea’s on the right!


Isn’t Yainea’s card so dreamy and gorgeous? Totally loved it!!

Mine is an interactive card where you can open the little doors of the castle and pull out the red tab. But you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens when you open the doors or pull the tab 🙂


Today Lawn Fawn is sponsoring a Critters Ever After set to one lucky winner! Thanks Kelly!!

To win, just leave a comment here answering Yainea’s question from the video interview! I’ll choose a random winner from the comments. Here is Yainea’s question for you again…


What is your favorite Lawn Fawn Critters set?


You can check out all the critters sets Lawn Fawn has before you answer! And if you have any creations using those critters sets, go ahead and add the link in your comments! I’d love to visit you and see them!!

See you next time!


  1. Kailash

    Love both the cards, such fun and different designs. Yainea is a very talented artist. Love her work!!!My favorite is critters down under. I simply love that cute adorable set!!!


  2. Julie

    I am a dog lover, so critters at the dog park is for me. My husband was raised on a farm, so I like critters on the farm for him. Best of both worlds!


  3. Sabrina Radican

    What a great and wonderful interview!! I loved both cards! They were so stunning and inspiring!!! My favorite Lawn Fawn Critter set is Critters Ever After, Because I love unicorns and dragons!!


  4. Eileen L.

    Both of your cards were so cute. My favorite Lawn Fawn set is Critters at the dog park, I love dogs. Thanks for a chance to win


  5. Barb Ghig

    Thanks so much for another great interview! Yainea is such a sweet and talented girl…Love how she ‘plays’ with stamps and ink!
    My fave critter set is “Critters at the Dog Park”…thanks so much for a chance to win!


  6. shartl

    Oh my goodness, these cards are so cute! I love the whimsical designs of Lawn Fawn and my favorite critter set is Critters at the Dog park. Actually, I love ALL the Critters…but the dogs are adorable!


  7. Mary-Anne V.

    Wonderful interview…just love Yainea’s work it always amazes! My fav. critters set is Critters in the Burbs.


  8. Laurel

    Oh my gosh! How am I just now finding you! This is amazing……. New follower here. And I LOVE Yainea. We serve on Lawnscaping together. She is amazing.


  9. Irene Grau

    Yainea, my dad is from Spain — Cullera, Valencia. We have family friends from Galicia (I don’t remember the town). A lovely part of Spain!

    Frankly, I love all Lawn Fawn critters — there are too many cute sets to choose just one!


    1. Yainea

      That’s so cool, Irene!! Your complete name sounds totally Spanish to me 🙂 Valencia is very very pretty and the weather is lovely! Thanks for your comment! Well, thank you everyone for your comments, you’re all so sweet!! Can’t stop smiling 🙂


  10. Dianne Guilinger

    You gals are making me so jealous! I’ve been trying to get the Ever after set for weeks, and it is out of stock every time I look! Seriously, I collect dragons in memory of my son, because he had a dragon tattoo on his chest. And, as you said, it is hard to find dragon stamps, especially since I am not really fond of the the Chinese dragons, but prefer the fantasy ones. I loved both cards, and I love that you are making the Iron craft videos, I watch every one of them!


  11. nancyk

    You are both simply adorable and your cards are brilliant! Loved the interview, such a fun way to “meet” talented crafters. It’s no secret I’m a fan of Lawn Fawn and I haven’t met a critter I didn’t love! (please don’t include me in the giveaway, thanks)


  12. Victoria Lavender

    That is so neat, the way you did the interview. The cards are fun too. I just bought my first set of Lawn Fawn stamps this week! “In the woods”, I bought it for the little deer but now that I’ve seen the little fox…I am in love! No cards done yet, I’m looking through challenges just now. That’s how I found you today. Cheers, Victoria Lavender


  13. Sophie Mogg

    I just LOVE critters from the past! Always been a bit of a dino-lover at heart! I’m slightly tempted by the critters ever after set – that dragon is beautiful!


  14. Chaitali

    Hey Victoria! Glad you dropped by 🙂 Hope you will play in the Iron Craft challenge! the link for it is right on my sidebar 🙂


  15. Kelli B.

    Such beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing this interview!! I think my favorite critters set is Critters on the farm. Thanks for the chance to win!


  16. Heidi

    Yainea! seriously this is a hard question!!!
    I am going to choose “Critters in costume” because the cute owl and the bear in the bee costume that could be use for other cards year round! but you put me in a hard spot with this question! LoL I love all critters sets!!!


  17. eva

    Wow! Even though I love all critters sets I am not sure if my favourite is considered as one of them. Lately I cannot live without my “Into the woods” set. Love the faces of the critters I think they are the cutest ever I use them in almost my cards.


  18. marylouh

    Here’s the scoop.
    it’s a great set – not only for summer – but any time you want to share good news.


  19. Ruth G

    Great interview! So much fun to see Yainea in action! Thanks so much for featuring her!
    I think all the Critters are super cute, but I think I like Critters in the Burbs the best because of the great tree and tire swing. I can just imagine the fun scenes that I could create with them!
    Have a great day!


  20. Pat McCleary

    Episode 8- just great. It’s always nice to learn a little about the people we meet in blogland. My favorite would be critters down under, with critters in the snow a close second. Thanks for the interview & a chance to win.


  21. Patricia

    Where have you been hiding — this is the first time I have seen you on Facebook ?? I like forest critters and critters on the farm , cause many of my pages are farm related since wee live on a farm . But the forest critters are so very cute.


  22. BeverlyBL

    Both cards are so cute. Can’t wait to see what pops out.

    My favorite set is Into The Woods. Such cute little critters. I love the sweet little fawn and the tree/log. Just so cute.


  23. Kari Webster

    I have a special place in my heart for Yainea. I am happy to call her one of my dearest crafty friends, and this interview solidifies just how special and sweet I know she is. My favorite Critters set is Critters in the ‘Burbs. (Already own Critters ever after, please do not include me on the giveaway)


  24. Carol Perry

    Yainea, I remember when you posted that card with the seasons when Kelly was looking for cards for her booth at CHA and catalog. I was so blown away with that card and said to myself she’ll definitely be a designer soon. It was soon after that you joined LF team. I have loved watching your work ever since. Thank you for doing this interview. You both are so cute and the smiles where endless. Wonderful interview and hope to see more in the future.
    My favorite critter set though hard to choose is: Critters of the past. Those dinosaurs are so adorable. 🙂


  25. c

    Chaitali, your interviews are always outstanding, but this one in particular really touched me! Your warmth helped to put Yainea at ease, and your comment that you’ll read her blog with her “accent” is so charming! That’s exactly what I do!! Great to know that we appreciate the ‘voices’ that come with the people we meet. Sheer delight in every respect. The cards: darling!! As for a favourite Lawn Fawn set…I must be the only person in the card-making community who doesn’t have any LF in her collection. I know…so when I say “all” are my favourite, I mean it genuinely! One of these days I’ll have the pennies saved up… Once again, an interview of sheer delight, followed by cards of impressive inspiration. You totally rock!! Sooo excited to see what you’ll be creating for VERVE..I. am. excited! Hugs~c


  26. Jodie Smith

    I loved this interview! It was so lovely to hear Yainea’s voice and see her “in person”. I love her blog!…and have now discovered yours! Thank you fir inspiring us all to get crafty!

    My favourite Lawn Fawn critters set is ‘Critters Down Under’. I love this set because I am Australian and it is lovely to see some stamps with Aussie animals! I especially love the Kangaroo and the Joey for gorgeous baby cards!


  27. Holly Havnaer

    What a treat to watch this interview!! (My husband, who is also a software engineer in Seattle, is from Ibiza, Spain. So much in common!) My favorite critter set is the Critters at the dog park. I actually just opened it this morning and almost squealed with delight at how adorable the images and dies are. I’m in love with all things doggy,and these pups are just the cutest!


  28. Sarah Seals

    Another awesome interview! Yainea is definitely one of my favorite card makers! It’s so hard to choose my favorite critter stamp set but I’m partial to ‘Critters in the Snow’ because my last name is Seals and I love using the cute little seal in the set! Thank you so much for the chance to win! ‘Critters Ever After’ has been on my wish list a long time! 🙂


  29. Darci Powers

    Oh my gosh – that’s like eating just one potato chip. ALLLLL the critter sets are my favorite, but my fav for this moment is Critters From The Past. Probably only because its newer, but I just couldn’t part with any of them.


  30. Cissi DS

    Such nice cards you both made, do not have this set but like it very much, but my favorite critters set is Critters from the past. Can’t stop using it:)


  31. Yukari Yoshioka

    Love the cards you both made!! As far as my favorite critters stamp set, that’s a tough one! Owls are my favorite animal so Critters in the Forest is always a favorite of mine however I also really love the Yeti from Yeti, Set Go. He’s just so fun to color!


  32. Valerie

    Adorable card, Yainea!! My favorite Critter’s set would have to be Critter in the Forest; the animals, the trees, the mushrooms & other accents are the cutest!

    I have many, many posts on my blog with my favorite company’s Critters stamps, and it’s hard to pick just one.But, I’ll use this one: I went way back to CHA 2013, where I made this card to enter into the CHA Challenge; I’ve always loved this one 🙂

    Oh, OK, twist my arm: here’s one more from Halloween last year 😉


  33. Danielle O

    Critters on the Farm is my favorite Critters set from Lawn Fawn. My husband & my dream is to have a little hobby farm one day, so that set reminds me of our dream 🙂 ❤


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